No video signal on P2419HC monitor through Dell Latitude 5430 usb-c during cold boot

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my current setup is composed by a Dell Latitude 5430 laptop and a Dell P2419HC monitor. The laptop is powerd by Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS and is connected to the monitor through a usb-c cable, I'm leveraging the monitor built in power delivery feature as well (i.e.: no external power supply for the laptop).

The only issue I'm facing is during a cold start. The monitor doesn't received any signal through the laptop video cable. The annoying workaround that I found so far is to unplug and plug back in the usb-c cable once Ubuntu has loaded the login screen, the monitor will then receive the video feed from the laptop.

After this initial cable unplug/plug-in, the laptop will handle the monitor connection as expected, even if I restart or turn off the laptop. The following laptop boot-ups won't require cable unplug/plug-in. Sadly if I switch off the power strip that powers the monitor, the next boot-ups will require usb-c cable plug/unplug again.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance


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