Can Apper and Muon be used to install and update in 23.04?

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I can still use Apper in Kubuntu 23.04 to install stuff, not only because I like its interface, which is both clear and detailed (while that of Discover is neither), but also when I want to install the standard deb and not a snap program. At least that's what I think.

Is it otherwise?

I see that Discover works well now and has options to select between snap, deb or flatpak, and I do use it to update the system, but these alternative are still available.

For example, Muon (as alternative to Synaptic) is the only clear solution I know to lock a program to a certain version. Like Apper, it can be used to install, uninstall and update. But I expect some overall limitation, including snaps, for example.

What are the limitations of these programs these days in Ubuntu/Kubuntu?

I have noticed that Apper must be run with a modified command in order to get in Kubuntu the administration rights a software manager needs:

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