Ubuntu password no longer works after login

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I recently installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a laptop (dual boot with Win 11) and something weird happened to my password. I can only use it to login when I select a user (the booting GUI) and after that, things like sudo or password pop-ups don't work (the system claims I provide a wrong password). Some other observations:

  • the user is a member of the sudo group (groups)
  • login as the root user doesn't work either (su -), the only option here is the recover mode where the root's password works
  • it happens for every new user I create (using the recovery mode) - new users work normally for a while then the problem reoccurs
  • neither x11 nor wayland works
  • passwd (recovery mode) doesn't help

EDIT - Recreating the user's home directory helps, but after a while the problem comes back.

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This kind of behavior may be caused by keyboard layout settings
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I'm almost sure that's not the case. It looks like there's some update in the background that messes the password/some tokens. Btw, I added a small update to the description.
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