Direct3D Level 12_0 missing for GE Force GTX 770

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I am on Ubuntu 22.04, running ProtonDB/Steam and the latest (I think) Nvidia driver:

Using NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-470

When I try to run Far Cry 6 using ProtonDB, the game quits at start complaining that my GPU does not support Direct3D 12 Level feature; however, according to NVIDIA spec my GPU should support DirectX 12.

Running Steam on "Experimental" does not appear to make any difference.

Others are reporting playing the game successfully ( so I am assuming it's something to do with my setup/configuration.

If anyone knows how to get me unblocked, I'd be much grateful. Thanks.

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You need install driver current version. See if is available in if not try install the nvidia binary driver

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