how to enable headless operation on an Ubuntu 22.04 desktop running on a Raspberry PI without screen

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I've tried to follow:

RPI4 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Switch between headless and hdmi mode without any changes

but it doesn't seem to work. The RPi fails to boot.

My goal is to be able to connect via Anydesk or something equivalent and get access to a desktop environment even though no screen are attached.

Any ideas?

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Did you install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server? or something else? ie. please be specific as to what Ubuntu 22.04 LTS product you installed (*the link you refer to covers Xubuntu; so was it a flavor of 22.04?*)
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"* doesn't seem to work*" and "*...fails to boot*" are, unfortunately, much too vague to offer useful advice. SOMETHING must have happened when you rebooted. Lights flash, screen text, cursor blinking, etc. Please [edit your question]( to detail that experience -- those little details are important troubleshooting clues.

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