GIMP brush size can't be size 2 or size 4

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This is driving me crazy...

I can select a brush size of 1 pixel, and it's fine. I can select a brush size of 3 or 5 pixels, also fine.

But when I set the size to 2 or to 4 pixels, GIMP will use a brush size of 3 instead???

enter image description here

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Depends which brush you use. The 1. Pixel wants to be 3 pixels, but the Pixel (1x1 square) works for 2px:

enter image description here

Theses two brushes are "parametric" brushes (their outline is defined a bit like a path). You can also define a bitmap brush:

  • Create a 2x2 image
  • Fill with black
  • Either:
    • Export as .GBR in one of your brushes directories, and select it in the brush list
    • Copy to clipboard, and use the Clipboard mask brush (the Clipboard mask brush assumes the Foreground color, the Clipboard image brush keeps the color it was created with)
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Thank you. Somehow, it is a lot harder to draw with that brush thuogh. E.g. holding SHIFT for straight lines often still makes lines that are not fully straight. It also often misses pixels.
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Yes, because its center is not centered on a pixel but between pixels. You can use a non-parametric brush, see augmented answer.
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