System Monitoring Utility for PTI-GPU tool Sysmon (Only for Intel internal display)

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I use the tool which can profilling tools interfaces for GPU (PTI for GPU) and Linux "top" like utility to monitor GPUs installed on a system;.
And I try to get per process utilization of memory by Intel tool "sysmon".
But I got a problem that I can't shown in process's information. As the following picture.
I have no idea to show process utilization of memory. How can I do?

sysmon process shown unknown:

Screenshot 1

System Information:

  1. Ubuntu 22.04
  2. CPU-i5-12600HE
  3. GPU-Intel(R) UHD Graphics 730
  4. Linux kernel 5.19.0-41

Sysmon Prerequisites As the following, then I have already installed those package.

  • Cmake
  • Git
  • Python
  • oneAPI Level Zero Loader
  • Intel(R) Graphics Compute Runtime for oneAPI Level Zero and OpenCL(TM) Driver
  • Intel(R) Metrics Discovery Application Programming Interface
  • Metrics Library for Metrics Discovery API (Metrics Library for MD API)
  • Intel(R) oneAPI Base Toolkit
  • libdrm

Short step:
1.$ source /opt/intel/oneapi/

Screnshot 2

2.$ cd <pti-gpu>/tools/sysmon/build
3.$ ./sysmon -p

This picture is normal execution sample from network download.
And I think that does the oneAPI only support Intel Iris graphic?
sysmon normal sample:

Screenshot 3

If you any suggestion for this, please help.
Thanks a lot.


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