Trouble booting read only btrfs snap shots

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I've set up my system with btrfs subvolumes. I've got btrfs assistant, snapper and grub-btrfs installed and working. However my problem is when I try to boot from a past snapshot I fail to load gdm3. I'm sure this has to be caused by the fact that Snapper only creates read-only snapshots. I've made sure that /var/tmp /var/cache and /var/log are all writeable by creating separate subvolumes for them and mounting them in my fstab. On my arch system, this was all I had to do to get a bootable system on read-only snapshots, even though a few services failed. My snapd is also not happy about being read-only. Snapd isn't much of a problem as I'm just needing to boot to roll-back my system. I'd ideally like to be able to boot from a read-only snapshot and be able to roll back my system using btrfs-assistant, which is a gui program. As of now I can boot from a past snapshot wait for it to get hung up on gdm.service then get in a tty and roll it back by hand. What else needs to be writeable for gdm to start?

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