Ubuntu 22.04 wont unlock even with right password

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Ubuntu 22.04 wont unlock even with right password. All I see is this and won't reset the textbox. I am using Xorg .

wont unlock

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Open a virtual terminal with `ctrl + alt + f3`. Check whether you can login to the terminal with your username and password. If you can login, then the login screen (GDM) has some issue, which we will try to debug. To get out of the virtual terminal, press either `ctrl + alt + f1` or `ctrl + alt + f7`
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@ArchismanPanigrahi I was logged into virtual terminal but still did this command and it worked. Command ran: `sudo su - someusername` . What about the gdm ?
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It just confirms that the computer still recognizes the password. Let's wait for someone with more experience to answer how to fix it in GDM
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