Accidentally created a /usr folder in my downloads. Can I delete it?

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I was installing firefox from builds following this tutorial:

and when downloading one of the files from from github I did wget [url] -P /usr/local/share/applications Instead of putting it in my applications folder (which I am now realizing I don't actually have) I guess it just created that folder in my downloads folder. Now i have a folder ~/Downloads/usr/local/share/applications and it has a lock on it because I guess I made it owned by root instead of me. Am i good to delete it since its not the same as my normal /usr file or will it mess things up?

Using ubuntu 23.04

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Yes, you are good to delete it. It is not a system directory.

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First, change ownership of all files and directories in that subtree to yourself:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo chown -R $USER usr

Now you can inspect that complete ~/Downloads/usr subtree and delete it when you are sure that there is nothing in there that you want to keep:

rm -rf ~/Downloads/usr

(or use a graphical file manager of your choice)

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