No exfat support Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

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I'm trying to enable support for exfat devices on my Ubuntu OS. It's running version 22.04.2 LTS with the Gnome desktop. I used the command sudo apt install exfatprogs but I'm still unable to format a disk as exfat. I receive this exfat error. I tried the steps on this post with no luck. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried using a shorter volume label? it may be limited to 11 characters
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I tried using a shorter volume label and got the same error.
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I was able to get exfat working by installing exfatprogs and reducing the characters on the volume label. I neglected to include spaces as a character. It is limited to a certain amount of characters but I'm not sure how many. I was able to use it by naming the volume with fat selected and then selecting other followed by exfat.

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Just found I have the same problem since system was updated a couple of weeks ago Running
$ find /lib/modules/ -iname 'exfat'

The system comes back with .............. /lib/modules/5.19.0-43-generic/kernel/fs/exfat /lib/modules/5.19.0-43-generic/kernel/fs/exfat/exfat.ko /lib/modules/5.15.0-75-generic/kernel/fs/exfat /lib/modules/5.15.0-75-generic/kernel/fs/exfat/exfat.ko

Running $ uname -r

The system comes back with .................. 5.19.0-45-generic

I wonder if there is an incompatibility between the Kernel and the version of exfat modules.

I had this problem in March when I first updated to 22.04 - I changed the Kernel to get it working.

Could the same have happened again ?

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