Debian with 2 ethernet as VPN relay (route all traffic from eth0 to eth1 VPN)

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I got 2 Debian VMs, first one is pptp/wireguard server on WAN and second one's eth0, eth1

Note: WAN IPs written in private ranges Intentionally


I want second VM's eth1 to connect to first VM as VPN client, then run a VPN server on eth0 which routes all traffic through eth1 to the first VM.
Basically, then I can connect to second VM's eth0 then and use first VM's VPN.
Client --> VM2-eth0 --> VM2-eth1 --> VM1-eth0

Please provide details on any required packages (if any) along with iptables rules and other commands

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Did you set up both VPNs already so you just need help with routing?
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@user253751 Yes, just routing rules plz

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