Calculating IOPS in a SQL Server EC2 - RDS migration

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I'm evaluating costs for a possible migration of a SQL Server that is currently running on Amazon EC2 to Amazon RDS. On the EC2 instance I have six volumes, described as follows:

type size IOPS
gp2 100 GB 300
io1 250 GB 1700
io1 550 GB 1700
gp2 100 GB 300
io1 700 GB 1700
io1 1750 GB 4700

I can't specify the same six volumes on the RDS price calculator. I get just one field for the storage. Regarding the space, easy-peasy, just sum it. But, how about the IOPS? Should I just opt for the largest (4700 in this case), or should I sum all of them?

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Take a look at the following articles to calculate your DTU's and translate that to IOPS and see if that gets you what you need. - -

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