NFS mounted XFS file systems not visible using xfs_quota

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With CentOS7, I made the leap to XFS (from ext4) and since then I have been unable to query quotas on NFS Clients via the quota or xfs_quota commands. The xfs_quota command also does not report any information relating to the NFS mounted XFS file systems. The CentOS7 NFS Server does enforce those quotas over NFS, which is nice, but that can be even more frustrating when NFS Client users bump up against quota limitations, since there is no indication of the real problem.

The following "Workaround" allows users to query disk usage of their NFS mounted file systems, but is not an accurate or sufficient substitution for quota/xfs_quota queries, nor is it an intuitive solution when quota restrictions are being enforced...

du ‐s .[A‐z]* * | sort ‐n

I've danced around this issue long enough, and would really appreciate if the community were able to assist with understanding why reporting user quotas across XFS formatted NFS shares is not working. CentOS and RHEL support forums are all turning up empty.


  • I have the uquota,gquota options in the /etc/fstab file on the NFS Server, as so...

    /dev/mapper/nfs-home  /home        xfs    defaults,uquota,gquota    0 0
  • The following is the NFS mount entry in the NFS Client /etc/fstab file...        /home        nfs    rw,hard,intr,bg           0 0
  • The rpcbind, quotad and rquotad TCP & UDP ports are opened in the Server's firewall.

  • There are subnet entries for the rpcbind, quotad, and rquotad services in the /etc/hosts.allow file.

  • A query of the mount or df commands on the NFS Client(s) shows the mounted NFS shares, while the xfs_quota -c 'df' command does not return any of the NFS mounted file systems. xfs_quota -c 'print' performs similarly.

    • perhaps this is indicative of the problem???
  • The following commands return the corresponding results...

    -bash-$ xfs_quota -x -c 'quota -h -v -u <username>' /home
    xfs_quota: cannot setup path for mount /home: No such device or address
    -bash-$ xfs_quota -x -c 'quota -h -v -u <username>'
    xfs_quota: cannot setup path for mount No such file or directory
    -bash-$ xfs_quota -x -c 'quota -h -v -u <username>'
    xfs_quota: cannot setup path for mount No such file or directory

I am happy to provide more information on the Client-Server relationship if anyone shows interest.


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