Not able to backup of postgres DB from DBeaver

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We have postgres install on centos server and accessing it through DBeaver from Ubuntu machine.

Whenever we try to take backup of Database it is giving error as "Native client is not specified for connection".

I did search and solution is like "which postgres-> and put result of it in it"

I am not sure about this, do we need to install psql client on ubuntu machine?

Please help

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I did search and solution is like "which postgres-> and put result of it in it"

Not on Ubuntu. which postgres will typically print nothing. The command that DBeaver wants are pg_dump to create backups, and pg_restore to restore.

These commands can be installed with sudo apt install postgresql-client.

Then in DBeaver, go to Database->Driver Manager, choose "PostgreSQL" then "Edit" then navigate to the "Native Client" tab, then "Add Home" and choose /usr/bin as the location, since it's where pg_dump and pg_restore are installed. Alternatively, you may choose /usr/lib/postgresql/<version>/bin where <version> is your PostgreSQL version, if you have several versions installed and the automatic selection by /usr/bin/pg_dump doesn't work for you.


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