Trying to use a CNI configuration with Calico in Minikube with Helm

jp flag

I am trying to configure a network configuration in our Kubernetes cluster via Helm with Calico, we are running minikube with calico like this:

minikube start --network-plugin=cni --cni=calico

And we include the network config like this:

# network attachement
apiVersion: ""
kind: NetworkAttachmentDefinition
  name: sriov-albora
  namespace: test
  config: '{
    "type": "sriov",
    "vlan": 1040,
    "ipam": {
    "type": "static",
    "addresses": [ { "address": "" } ],
    "routes": [{ "dst": "", "gw": "" }]

but it doesn't work... we receive this:

Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "NetworkAttachmentDefinition" in version ""

I am trying to figure out what happen with different tutorials, docs or stack-over questions but I am lost


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