Linux immutable backup repository deployment architecture best practice?

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What are the Linux distributions that are compatible with the Immutable repository?

Can you give me some advice on the best hardware or virtual machine configurations to deploy a large backup repository to hold all of my virtual machine backups that will be kept for a year?

According to, Ubuntu Server Linux is an example.

What about a single large virtual machine, a LUN formatted with ExtFS, or some other fancy secure file system?

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Use Ubuntu or something like RHEL8 (or one of the variants).
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The distribution is irrelevant. The filesystem is relevant.
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What's the Filesystem that is better suited for this large files repository?
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Since you are planning to use it with Veeam B&R, I would highly recommend you follow their best practices and recommendations where Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUSE are mentioned:

An excellent option is using a pre-built and pre-configured Veeam Hardened Repository Appliance, which already has all the essential things configured in accordance with the above practices, can be deployed bare-metal or as a virtual machine and is free to use.

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Many thanks @netrunner for your assistance !
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