Set Firmware Option for Vsphere VM created by salt-cloud

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I am trying to create a VM hosted in Vsphere using salt-cloud and need to set the boot options for this VM.

From what I can tell there isn't an actual option for this so I guessing it needs to be part of my extra_config section, however I am not fully sure how to implement this.

My extra_config currently looks like this

    vim.vm.BootOptions.efiSecureBootEnabled: True

But I get an error in Vsphere that says :

A specified parameter was not correct: config.extraConfig["vim.vm.BootOptions.efiSecureBootEnabled"]

This was a guess from the VmWare documentation

Any help is appreciated.

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Create a template with the settings you need and just build from that.

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I've tried that in the past and it didn't work the way I would like, would be better to get this working if possible. Thanks for your comment though
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