How to get menu bar back after hidden in all KDE program windows

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The top, "File, Edit..." menu is gone from all my KDE program windows. Not sure what I changed.

I tried ctrl+m, looked in EVERY setting I can find for days but can not find a way to get my File menu back.

Best I can do is add a an item to the Title Bar buttons for, "Application Menu" which is ok but not what I want.

Menus gone

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It's a widget not a default option in KDE
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I've faced the same problem for quite a long time, trying all possible intuitive tricks and tips, but there's no change even after updating to Ubuntu 22.04 (KDE Plasma 5.24.7).

Today by chance I found the toggle! Now menu bars are back where a common user would expect them. I don't need to press Alt+F anymore to scroll out File options from top left corner of the main screen and move by keyboard arrows in the menu.

How to: Go to Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Background Services -> Startup Services -> turn off Application menus daemon.

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It's forcing applications to use a common menu up in the top left of the main screen (like what Macs do) - problem is, it doesn't work for all apps (i.e. OBS Studio) - I'm trying to find the answer too - annoying!


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