Copying files to an erroneous or non-existant file path

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I was scouring the ether for general information related to Linux files systems generally, and more specifically what happens if I specify a wrong root-sub directory when performing commands. To be exact, I made a mistake of having double slash at the beginning of my path.

//mnt/.../... instead of /mnt/.../...

I have noticed that I can cd into this location, but this seems to mirror the correct directory location.

  1. Have I unintentionally created a new directory?
  2. Would I need to perform further actions rto resolve?

There is a similar question which is answered, but refers more to a typo at the end of the path description, which is similar, but different, as the type is at the end of the path (changing the file name).

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That does indeed. Thanks. Although the information is pretty indepth, and I feel as if I'm just peering into another rabbit-hole, I definetly would accept the answer. If I can accept it with my account's lack of privileges, I will! Cheers again.

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