I'm having a black screen before login screen on kubuntu

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My kubuntu has been giving me problems for the past few days.

It was first showing a black screen with a cursor on the screen and I then stopped and started the sddm service and the login GUI came back.

After that my user wasn't logging in but another created user was logging in. So I entered the terminal in the login screen with ctrl+alt + F5 .

I discovered that my current files and folder was owned by www-data, I then changed the ownership to my username and the group to my username group .

The I successfully logged in. Then I added my username to www-data group so I can edit and save files on my local server. Then when I rebooted the laptop, my login details was not working again just like before.

I then entered the terminal again in the login screen and removed my username from the www-data group and then rebooted the system.

Since then my laptop just shows a black screen after the logo during booting. there's no cursor on screen and also I can't enter the terminal again.

So please how do I resolve this?

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You should include the exact details of the steps you have taken in a way that is unambiguous so that we could reproduce your steps exactly. For example "*I then entered the terminal again in the login screen and removed my username from the www-data group*" - doesn't actually tell us exactly what you did. All of your details are ambiguous in this way. Please edit your question and include more specific details.

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