Add Solus OS to Ubuntu grub menu

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After installing Solus OS in dual (in fact multi)-boot along Windows 10 and Kubuntu 20.04 the laptop shows at boot the boot menu created by Grub Customizer in Kubuntu (which I like) but without the last installed system (Solus). Updating grub doesn't add Solus, neither does any action in Grub Customizer.

I can add only an option called by default "UEFI Firmware Settings" which is a link to the BIOS Startup Menu. Solus can be booted there by selecting Boot Menu > UEFI Linux Boot Loader.

(That can be accessed with Esc for BIOS Startup Menu, as said here).

But can Solus be added to the Kubuntu grub list - I mean from Kubuntu?

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It seems that this is not possible, if this answer is correct, saying:

You most likely have Solus installed while the bios was set to UEFI mode. This will install Solus with the clr-boot-manager bootloader and not grub. Hence there are no grub entries created and hence Mint Grub will not have the entries available to boot. Reinstall Solus while the BIOS is set to 'BIOS Legacy' to install Solus with grub boot entries.

The fact that the entry is located in loader/entries and the file extension is conf shows that it is not a grub entry. Grub uses .csv files in the same folder as the .efi.

... Consider using the BIOS itself to choose an OS to load (and the bootloader for which version, LTS or current, to boot) instead of one single bootloader for everything. In my experience that will save a lot of trouble when messing around.

From later experience I can say that, after restoring Ubuntu grub, this was able to see other Linux systems that don't use grub either (e.g. KaOS, which uses systemd-grub; installed after Ubuntu, it imposed its own boot menu which was lacking an Ubuntu entry, thus hiding the Ubuntu grub list under Firmware Interface/BIOS settings).

I'll mark this as this answer for Solus, at least for now.


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