Mouse and keyboard lag in 21.04

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Getting a very strange mouse and keyboard lag/choppiness/stuttering after using my computer for a while on 21.04, typically with a lot of browser tabs and Discord/Telegram open, but this shouldn't be an issue. My CPU, memory, and disk load is still low. New computer (Gigabyte B450M DS3H mobo, Ryzen 3400g, 32gb ram). I have a wireless keyboard and mouse but those aren't the issue either because the same thing happens with other wireless keyboards/mice.

The problem disappears when I restart. Then comes back after a while again.

Done quite a bit of research and tried some fixes like turning zoom accessibility off, switching to USB 2.0 ports, etc, but no luck yet. I'm still a Linux noob, so I'm hesitant to run some commands I've seen in forums for old Ubuntu versions. Thoughts?

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