how to create a web page on web server that will appear when pointing to the web in desktop machine

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Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

I have 2 VMs, 1 is the web vm and 1 is the desktop vm. I have this requirement where I need to create a simple home page on the web server and show some simple information such as name and id. This web page should be accessible and content should appear once I point my desktop server's firebox to ''

I did the mounting where I use sudo mount --bind /webpool/doc /var/www and now I need to create a webpage and store inside /var/www so that I can access it with my desktop vm.

However, I cant simply do sudo pico xxx.html to create my webpage because that would mean that I need to point to /xxx.html, but in fact, the html web page should appear when I point to

Could anyone advise on this? Which directory should I save the html for it to appear straight when I open in Firefox

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This seems like a homework assignment.
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@user535733 sorry, is it not allowed? i have have mounted everything and change all necessary network setting, i have my html file content and everything. i simply not sure which location should my file be and trying to figure out which should be the right directory to put the file. is that not allowed to be asked just because it is a homework? i am only asking for advice of where to put my html files.
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Hint: It's not about *where* to put xxx.html. It's about the correct filename for xxx.html.

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