ACPI Error causing suspend loop bug in 21.10?

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I'm everytime I shut my laptop's lid, Razor Blade 15 Advanced with Nivida GeForce 3080 mobile, it goes into a suspend and then when i try and bring it out of suspend it wakes up for about a minute and then goes back into suspend flashing the following screen

error message between suspend and unsuspend

I should also note that I upgraded the Kernal to v5.13.19-051319 (v5.13 to keep the Nvidia support). I tried to drop back to the original kernal but then the screen doesn't work when rebooting :(

Looks like i'm not the only one and it might be a Kernal bug which is still present in the 5.15 branch.

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Look at `free;swapon`. Also, within 4 minutes `sudo journalctl --since="-5 minutes"` might help, too

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