Laptop trackpad not working at all after installing ubuntu

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so i recently installed ubuntu 20.04 on my toshiba satellite l850 laptop and the trackpad trackpad is not working a usb mouse works though. I can confirm it isn't a hardware issue since it works on windows.

I found this in the logs applications under the hardware section psmouse serio1: failed to enable mouse on isa0060/serio1

If anymore info is needed I'm ready to provide it.

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Could you [edit] your question to include the Terminal output of `sudo lsusb`? This will include details about the USB devices such as the trackpad, making it a bit easier to offer a solution
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Umm is a trackpad a usb device though?
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On most modern systems, yes. If it's PCI-based (which would be odd), then you may see it with `sudo lspci`. Either way, the hardware ID of the device is what's needed to see if there is something special required to make it work.

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