Ubuntu 21.10 - how to configure key combination for keyboard layout switch

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I use Ubuntu with two input languages, switching between them with Super+Space.

I have upgraded Ubuntu to 21.10, and during the installation it has asked to select another key combination, not offering Super+Space, so I chose next commonly used combination left Shift+Ctrl.

Now the problem - both combinations are active, and all existing key combinations that involve Ctrl+Shift stopped working. How do I reset it all back?

I use Ubuntu on XOrg (not Wayland). In the system settings it still shows Super+Space as the key combo. How do I bring up that window from the upgrade process to remove the Ctrl+Shift assignment? Was it Wayland keyboard settings?

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Does this answer your question? [18.04 ctrl+shift to change language]( . Drop GNOMEs Hell and install other normal desktop with patched Xorg from my PPA.
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gnome-tweaks helped, I was able to reconfigure layout switch keybindings.

Just keep in mind that there are two places where this combination is configured in Ubuntu:

  • One is the standard System Settings Dialog - Keyboard - Input switching
  • Another is through gnome-tweaks as described in the accepted answer to 18.04 ctrl+shift to change language. Gnome-tweaks - Keyboard & Mouse - Additional Layout Options - Switching to another layout.

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