Installation: Copy script somewhere into $PATH

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I wanted to install polybar-themes and one of the dependencies was networkmanager_dmenu so, i want to install it. Im on Ubuntu 20.04 and only valid option there for me is: Copy script somewhere into $PATH I have no idea on how to implement this, can someone explain this to me?

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PATH is an environmental variable that contains a list of directories where the system searches for an executable that matched a command. See here for more information. The contents can be seen in your terminal with the command

echo $PATH

In theory, you thus could have your install program look at the directories in there, and install it in one of the directories listed.

However, there are conventions on the use of directories. sbins directories are intended for system binaries, bin directories for all other executables. You thus will select a bin directory:

  • If you distribute your executable (your script) through the packaging system of your distribution, place it in /usr/bin. For Ubuntu, this means your software is packaged as a .deb installation file.
  • If your script is a custom installation script, then place your executable in /usr/local/bin. That directory is not managed by the packaging system of the operating system.
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Polybar themes are made to work with tiling window managers like dwm, bspwm, xmonad, i3 etc. By default ubuntu 20.04 comes with gnome which is not a tiling window manager. Therefore polybar does not work with regular ubuntu desktop, unless you install specifically a tiling window manager.

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This is not true. While many people are using polybar with a tiling window manager, it will work on any window manager running on an X server.
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@Patrick Ziegler Why the downvote? I never said that polybar does not work on X server. I said if the user has the default installation of Ubuntu, polybar would not work as they expect.
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I downvoted because you said that polybar doesn't work properly on non-tiling WMs. Whether the WM uses tiling for its windows has no influence on polybar.

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