No hyper-v daemons available in 22.04?

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I have been looking for quite some time for a way to download the Hyper-v Daemons in Ubuntu 22.04 server as it seems my install did not come with any. The last thing I found was a microsoft guide on how to enable them and such, but their command to show all the available daemons was empty- even as super user. Even using systemctl to check if any are running I just get Unit hv-vss-daemon.service could not be found.

I'm really at a loss as to why these weren't pre-installed, or even how to install them.

Really what I am trying to do here is back up my hyper-v machines, which is working fine for any windows VMs that I have but not working at all for ANY of our Ubuntu VMs.

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There are no standalone Hyper-V daemons for Ubuntu, you need to install the custom Hyper-V kernel from Microsoft:

sudo apt-get install linux-azure

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