Not all logical volumes appears during installation of Ubuntu Server 20.04.6 and 22.04.2

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I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 from the live USB stick. I have 3 existing volume groups (LVM). Some of the partitions has been created with Ubuntu 18.04 (and probably ealier versions too). I can see all of them. Using the shell from the live USB, I have created 4 more logical volumes on 2 different volume groups (the partitions on which I need to install Ubuntu). I can create file system on it (BTRFS) and mount them. However, after reboot, they don't appear in the list of available devices. I tried from the regular Ubuntu Desktop, the installer can see them (but the installation leave a broken system because it doesn't add necessary modules).

I can reproduce this behavior with Ubuntu 20.04.6.

Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for your help.


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