I need to have my 2 websites to have an individual rDNS record but they both are running on the shared web hosting servers

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I'm a server noob and want to get some solution or some advice from the gurus of the ServerFault. I currently have two different live websites running and they both are using the shared web hosting servers. But I need to have those two websites to have an individual rDNS record set up for each and to work that out, it seems like I need to have those two websites migrate to two different dedicated servers since I would need two different dedicated IP addresses? Those two websites are small in size and it seems like it's kind of a waste for me in terms of charge of money and space to have two dedicated servers for those two small websites and what I want to ask is that is it technically possible to have two different individual dedicated IP addresses for each website using VPS for alternative solution? and would that be recommended for me?

ps: The reason why I need to set up a rDNS record for each website is that I'm facing a problem that one of my websites' emails are getting blocked by Gmail and seems like I need to get rDNS set up for those to lessen the probability to get those mails marked as spam.

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Yes, there are VPS providers that allow you to assign multiple IPs on a single VPS, and a rDNS on each.

However, I recommend using an email service provider, who provides you with infrastructure for email and takes care of reliable delivery.


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