Logging issue in graphics terminal in Ubuntu 20.04 after timeshift setup

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I installed timeshift btrfs type in my Dell laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 for btrfs. After reboot, I see login is not possible in graphics console and so pressing CTRL-ALT-F2 I came to text console and loging was possible. However, after the login, I see that /home and /opt partitions are missing which are listed in /etc/fstab and pwd shows directory /. I could see the partitions using sudo fdisk -l command. The command lsblk was showing for partuuid for those two partitions which was not matching with the uuid mentioned with that at /etc/fstab. The command sudo btrfs subvol list \ shows /home and and /opt as level 5 with IDs and backup entries.

This means those two partitions with timeshifted backups exist and btrfs can see.

I visited snapshots with timeshift, timeshift github, btrfs,askUbuntu on timeshift and more.

I tried to find solutions and now I am asking question. I request to kindly advice me on the procedure to fix the issue so that system can have proper mount instead of just stamping as repeated question with any successful solution.

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Can you mount the partitions manually?
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Thanks. No, I cannot mount. I can see partitions in ```fdisk```, I can see partitions with backups using ```btrfs subvol``` command as reported in question.
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Perhaps you cold show your `/etc/fstab` and output/errors from `lsblk`, `btrfs`, and `mount` commands.

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