Some keyboard keys are not working with Ubuntu 20.04 on my Lenovo X1 Carbon

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I found that some keys (e.g. g, h, Up arrow, Esc) are not working fine. Sometimes they stop working and I have to go to another app and press mouse keys to get them running again.

I have tested the hardware with the showkey command and keys were sending the code properly. It means hardware is not an issue.

Also I have tried to use the below command to configure the suitable keyboard, but was not able to find one:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Also, my external keyboard is working fine.

I have changed my OS to 20.04. But it is still not working.

How to solve this? Help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I also noticed that it was working fine for some hour after installing the Ubuntu 20.04. And suddenly these keys stopped working.
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How did you changed your OS to 20.04? Reinstalling or Some manual file changes?

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