Does external mouse automatically disable touchpad?

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This touchpad is driving me nuts. I'd like to replace it with an external wired mouse, which I'll have to obtain (an optical USB mouse I had lying around wasn't recognized). Will it automatically disable the touchpad on mounting or do I have to tell the system to ignore the touchpad?

Someone asked a similar question 5 years ago, but I don't see an answer other than a query about the version being used. (I'm still looking for how to find what version of Xubuntu I'm running. I think it's the latest.)

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On most notebooks there is a keyboard combination that disables the touchpad.
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On my Thinkpad, there is a selection in the BIOS to enable or disable the touchpad.
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If you do not see an option in your Mouse/Touchpad settings to do this, then [this answer from a few years ago]( should work just fine. It works across distributions and desktop environments, too
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To install:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install touchpad-indicator


  • Hit Win key / Super and type Startup,
  • click Startup App...
  • click Add and type /usr/bin/touchpad-indicator for Command,
  • and anything appropriate (free text) in the other two fields.
  • Click save.

To remove, the general sequence:

  • apt uninstall / purge
  • ... and then
  • apt-add-repository --remove
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I found settings for mice in Dell Latitude Setup, where I was able to select Disable mousepad on attaching PS2 mouse (or words to that effect).

Was also able to adjust screen brightness there.


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