Does this Dell 'driverless' dock work with Ubuntu?

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Dell sell this "USB-C 8-in-1 Driverless Mobile Dock" which includes HDMI video out Dell lists the operating systems which this works on, but does not include Linux or Ubuntu.

Given that it is 'driverless', I can't really see how the OS could/should affect this (but I know nothing about the internals of HDMI). Has anybody tried to connect this to a Dell laptop and got it to work on HDMI out? I'd be especially keen to know if you've managed to use this to attach a second HDMI monitor (ie, laptop, directly connected HDMI, plus this HDMI via the USB-C dock).

Alternatively, which of the Dell docks are known to work with Ubuntu?

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It would be nice to believe that somebody else has tried that dock, but perhaps I'm being optimistic?
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I have a precision 7520 with the tb16 dock and ubuntu 22.04.1, everything on the dock works.
I went to the dell support website, gave the service tag, downloaded what drivers they had and used them.

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