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Striped Logical Volume
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Im currently setting up a lab for LVM, three PV sdb1 sdc1 and sdd1. A striped logical volume is created named stripe01 with PV sdb1 and sdc1. Are there any options in lvconvert to add/remove a stripe to/from stripe01.

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How to add route with "metric" in network-scripts with metric on Centos 7?
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On centos 7 server, I'd like to set the follow routes via dev metric 100 via dev metric 200

in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ file, how do I do that? This is an existing network setup which I cannot change and I cannot find any documentation that allows metric in the route file.

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Dell Compellent clock skew too great
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I received this alert from our Dell Compellent SC200: " Alert created on controller '12345' for object [internal ref: 'Global '] - [ProgressionTime]: Some Data Progression features, such as RAID Rebalance, may not run properly because the controller's clock skew is too great. Configure time settings to resolve. "

error message

In the "Unisphere for SC Series" web interface, I found the "Time Setti ...

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Synology Open VPN Server to Client connection
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I have a 2 sites:

  • Synology A ( - running VPN Server (
  • Synology B ( - running VPN Client (connecting with

I'm trying to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A (source) to Synology B (destination).

I was able to connect using Open VPN from Synology A to Synology B but I'm not able to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A specifying as destination IP. ...

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Oracle : Effect of Stale Partition Statistics on Performance
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Our production database tables are range partitioned based on date.

Some of the tables and indexes have hundreds of partitions. And some of partitions which are old ( based upon partition key ) have stale statistics. These partitions are most likely not being accessed by our queries.

Sometimes the server exhibits performance problems but we cannot be sure whether the problem is due to those old part ...

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Looking for resources regarding deploying Tenable scanners to already extant GCP Compute Engine VMs and GKE clusters
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I am a GCP(Google Cloud Platform) newb, who has been tasked with figuring out how to deploy Tenable scanner agents to already extant GCP Compute Engine instances and GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine) clusters.

I have been looking for instructional online pertaining to deploying/installing applications to stand alone Compute Instances and GKE containers en masse and in an automated fashion; to as of y ...

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All Outbound Traffic Uses IPV6
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I have a Debian 10 server which has postfix installed, each time I try to send outbound mail traffic, the server uses IPV6 over IPV4. This causes postfix to log Connection timed out.

I have tried sending packets to google SMTP server using telnet, whenever I run the command telnet 25 the terminal delays for some seconds and then outputs

Trying 2a00:1450:400c:c06::1a...
Tryin ...
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How to verify that email from own server to google relay SMTP service is using TLS
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I have a server which only sends mail out, as follows:

django/python --> postfix -----> -----> destination

When I open a gmail client that received the email, and check the details it says: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

Now I suspect its saying from --> gmail destination was TLS, but I am concerned I am sending email in plain  ...

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Windows firewall ipv6 loopback issue
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I received it on my windows firewall log: DROP TCP ::1 ::1 53264 47001

I tried to add ipv6 ::1 or any other ipv6 loopback address to the firewall rule but received only the message below: An unspecified, multicast, broadcast and loopback IPv6 address was specified windows firewall.

I found some same question in Where was indicated that : "This is ...

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Join windows 10 professional to a domain NetpDoDomainJoin: status: 0x52e
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I am using ethernet cable and I have a Synology Nas acting as Active Directory Domain controller. My computer has the Nas inserted in the Dns records and can resolve the Nas, for example I can ping the Fqdn of the domain and the Nas respond. Every time I join my computer to the domain windows 10 professional says that I am using bad credentials (and I can prove I am not) and when I check this file: %win ...

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freeipa Cannot obtain CA certificate error via ansible
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I am trying to install my freeipa replica server via ansible role and I have this error:

  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipaclient/install/", line 1858, in get_ca_certs
    message=u"HTTP "
fatal: [freeipa-r3]: FAILED! => {
    "changed": false,
    "invocation": {
        "module_args": {
            "admin_keytab": null,
            "basedn": "dc=example,dc=local",
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Cannot determine what is taking up space on Ubuntu lv
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As you can see here my root volume on / shows full via df -h.

Filesystem                         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev                                16G     0   16G   0% /dev
tmpfs                              3.2G  1.6M  3.2G   1% /run
/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv  196G  185G 1009M 100% /
tmpfs                               16G     0   16G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                         ...
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with terraform version 13, I am getting error nvalid default value for variable in region params, how to fix that?
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variable "region" {
  default = "us-central1"

variable "zone" {
  description = "override default zone specified in region_params"
  default     = ""

variable "region_params" {
  description = "Map of default zones for each region. Can be overridden using the `zone`."
  type        = map(string)

  default = {
    asia-east1 = {
      zone = "asia-east1-b"
    asia-east2 =  ...
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How to overcome the Weaker MD4 hash issue with samba
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We are using samba configuration on our RedHat(RHEL7.9) systems, where SMB authentication is based on a NTLM password hash which basically a clear-text credential for a challenge-response authentication which getting stored in a separate attribute, sambaNTPassword in the LDAP(Oracle unified Directory) directory database.

So, Our security team carried out some pen-testing and found the MD4 which i ...

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Openstack Victoria SPICE configuration not working
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Running openstack on Ubuntu 20.04 with a controller node and four compute nodes. I am reading the instructions on configuring SPICE here. I will admit, I found out about which packages to install from other sites, as the instructions at the link do not actually list any software that needs to be installed.

  • On the compute nodes and controller, I installed nova-spiceproxy
  • On the controller I installed
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CentOS doesn't boot with "A stop job is running for Security Auditing Service" message
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CentOS prints the following during boot

[ ***  ] A stop job is running for Security Auditing Service (9s / 1min 30s)

and then switches into the single user mode.

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USMT workgroup to domain
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I am using USMT to migrate a large amount of computers from workgroup profiles to domain profiles.

My scanstate is:

scanstate.exe C:\temp\migration /ue:*\* /ui:"%computername%\@localUser@" /o /vsc /i:migdocs.xml /i:migapp.xml  /i:"C:\temp\USMT-Deploy\Config.xml" 

My loadstate is:

loadstate.exe C:\temp\migration /c  /mu:"%computername%\@localUser@:@domain@\@domainUser@" /auto /i:migdocs.xml /i:migapp ...
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Containerd-shim hangs when running docker run
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My problem is that from time to time, when I try to start a new container with docker run, it just hangs forever. All the running containers keep working fine, but I'm unable to start any container.

The only way of getting out of there is with Ctrl+C, but then I can't remove the failed container (nor the associated image, of course). What I've found so far is that the associated containerd-shim proce ...

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Guarantee ResourceQuota in a Namespace
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I'm running a cluster that is shared across teams and I'd like to guarantee each team a minimum amount of resources, especially memory.

Following the instructions I've tried using the following on their namespace:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ResourceQuota
  name: mem-quota
    requests.memory: 8Gb

However from reading more docs, it turns out this doesn't guarantee they have 8Gb of mem ...

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AWS Ubuntu instance keeps dropping ssh connections
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My AWS LightSail Ubuntu instances used to allow my ssh clients to stay connected forever. However, a newly created Ubuntu 20.04 instance now keeps dropping the ssh connection, even though connections on the same PC to other cloud Ubuntu instances remain uninterrupted. I am unable to tell whether it is due to inactivity.

I check /etc/ssh/sshd_config and the following are all unset:

#TCPKeepAlive yes ...
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HAProxy 2.0 - retrying some of the requests based on URL
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I have HAProxy version 2.0.14 installed, and I'm looking for a peculiar use-case which I haven't yet managed to configure correctly.

Basically I have a frontend which listens on a port, and two backend servers. Once a session is started, cookies are used, so a session is tied to a particular backend server, and cannot be shared to another server. To achieve this I'm using stick-table and stick on

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tail command retry flag not working with wildcards?
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I want to tail a bunch of unknown directories names containing a particular non-existant file, e.g.:

tail -F /tmp/*/app.log

However that does not work as intended with the wildcard: if I create a file with that path, tail won't start following unless I restart the command. On the other hand if I run:

tail -F /tmp/example/app.log

as soon as the file appears the command will output: tail: '/tmp/example ...

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nginx redirect or return single location
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I am trying to get to redirect to a YouTube link, as well as to redirect to a different YouTube link. (These are both unlisted playlists, and I want anyone who has access to our website to have this redirect happen automatically for them. This is step 1 of several steps of configuring this and I can't seem to get it to work).

Here's my configu ...

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Cannot access samba Ubuntu server via hostname UNC path (IP works) in Windows explorer
cl flag


We have an AD server running on Windows Server 2012 (ad01.<domainroot>). There is a Samba file server running on Ubuntu 20.04 (fs02.<domainroot>). The file server is domain joined using winbind.

In this post I'll be using <domainroot> to be the equivalent placeholder of AD.EXAMPLE.ORG and <workgroup> for the workgroup.


We're unable to access the samba server /  ...

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ChromeOS or a derivative in a virtual machine
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I am planning to buy a Chromebook and wanted to ask if you can install and test ChromeOS or a derivative in a virtual machine before investing that much money.

I hope I will put my question in the right group and would be very happy to receive an answer ;-)

Kind regards Torsten

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SFTP - Match Group ignore in sshd_config
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I have the following settings, and I restart the sshd service every time I make a change.

Match Group sftp_users                                                                                                                 
ChrootDirectory /home/sftp-data                                                                                                        
ForceCommand internal-sftp 

But when I log ...

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In GCP load balancer monitoring, what is "unhealthy network traffic"?
ar flag

I'm running an Google CloudRun instance for an API. Today I've added a load balancer in front of it, so that I can set an SSL Policy that disallows TLS <1.2.

In the screenshot below, it appears that the traffic I'm getting from America is "unhealthy", and now warning icons are shown next to the different parts of my infrastructure. I'm pretty new to this area of GCP and I'm finding the docs im ...

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AWS, nginx and LetsEncrypt
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I have multiple websites, running on Nginx, and I am trying to set up a load balancer, with 3-5 instances sitting under it. All these websites will need an SSL cert. I am trying to think of the best way possible.

  1. Use nginx instance as a load balancer, attach an EBS to the instance, install certbot and store the certificates on the EBS. certbot will renew and update the certs on EBS. The web server in ...
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How do I set up Fail2Ban on an Amazon Lightsail Debian instance, when it has its own firewall?
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This is a very basic question, but all the answers I can find either relate to WordPress installs or Bitnami installs. I have a plain Debian instance running Nginx.

I would like to set up Fail2Ban. The problem is that Lightsail seems to have its own firewall, configurable via the console. It isn't clear to me how Fail2Ban would work with such a firewall, and I don't want to potentially screw up  ...

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How to keep secrets as part of configmap in kubernetes?
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I have a config map which creates a config file to my application.

The structure is as below.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: database-configmap
  config: |
   doreportup ...

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