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Opening and Using NotePad like program from the Ubuntu command line in WSL (Windows)
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I really want to start using Linux, especially Ubuntu distro systems because I hear such great things about them and the fact that it very community based, which I really love.

Anyway, is there a command I can type into Ubuntu for WSL command prompt that would allow me to open a .conf type file to make changes?

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Unable to mount NFS filesystem of ubuntu 22.04 on ubuntu 18.04
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I have two ubuntu systems

  1. PC1 is running ubuntu 18.04
  2. PC2 is running ubuntu 22.04

Case 1: Now server is running on 1 and client on 2. In this case file system mounted properly on PC2 that is ubuntu22.04

case 2: Now server is running on 2 and client on 1. In this case file system not mounting. Checked everything is fine. Showing the error message connection timed out.

sudo mount -t nfs -o mountvers=4.0 ...

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Ubuntu 22.04 sound and mic not working when connected to monitor
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I have recently installed ubuntu 22.04 on my new pc (I had windows 10 for a week then switched to ubuntu 22.04) and I noticed that as soon as I connect my monitor the sound and the mic don't work anymore, I made sure to select the right output and input device in settings -> sound and I still face the same problem as son as I join a call or play any sound (even the sound test in settings -> sound  ...

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Can't connect Ubuntu to Ubuntu via Samba
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Both laptops OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS x86_64 There is NO WINDOWS MACHINE involved.

I have Samba running on both smbd version 4.15.13-Ubuntu started.

I turned off all security on the network to allow all traffic (for testing)

No matter which machine I'm on, if I open "Files" and select "Other Locations" under Networks I see the Samba running locally AND the one on the other laptop. I can access the local ...

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Problem updating Grub. I´ve removed GRUB files
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Last day I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with dual boot (Windows). The grub didn´t recognize my windows boot so I updated grub and it was successful. However, I accidentally removed grub files yesterday. I´ve try using boot repair, but it didn´t was ok. Now, when I put sudo update-grub it is what I´ve:

Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub.d/init-select.cfg'
Generating grub configuration file ...
El gu ...
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Error when I specify multiple options in my PHP bash script
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#!/usr/bin/php -d register_argc_argv=1

At the top of my PHP script, I have the above and it works well. However, I need to add another -q and changed it to #!/usr/bin/php -q -d register_argc_argv=1.

But it results with the error

The following text was generated during the delivery attempt:

------ pipe to |/home/user/email_pipe.php /home/user
       generated by ------

Error in ...
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not able to connect anymore to graphical interface
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I have an Ubuntu 22.04 which was running fine and I was able to access it using RDP. Yesterday I removed software (kubernetes components as it was not working correctly), then did sudo apt-get update When I restarted the VM I can SSH into it, but when trying to access it through RDP I get this error screen.

Oh no! Something has gone wrong!
A problem has occurred and the system can't recover.
Please log o ...
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Root directory permission changed
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i just typed "sudo chmod 744 /" and by mistake i hit the enter button

Now every time I run sudo command I get "Permission Denied" error

bash: /usr/bin/sudo: permission denied

I think the / directory permission was changed by mistake

do you know how to solve it ?

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No Display Signal whatsoever after switching graphics driver
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Ubuntu 22.04 Primary Windows 10 Dual Boot AMD Ryzen 7 3700X ASRock B550M-C RTX 3070

I recently tried to get my RTX 3070 working on the linux half of my dual boot system. I'm a complete noob at this sort of thing. After switching from X.orgX server to NVIDIA driver (open kernel) 525 and restarting, my PC would not provide any HDMI signal to any ports on my graphics card or the motherboard.

I tried re ...

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How to trigger `Fn` key when CTRL, ALT or SHIFT are pressed?
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I want to avoid pressing the Fn key as much as possible. It's fine pressing only Fn + F.. but it's annoying when is a combination involving 3 or more keys.

I want to press Alt + F2 instead of Alt + Fn + F2; otherwise gives me cramps.

I still want the buttons for volume and display-brightness working by default; if simply pressed.
But it should automatically imply pressing Fn, when other modifier keys ...

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Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04/Windows, Gettiing GNU Grub 2.06 Terminal when booting Ubuntu
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I installed Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows dual boot capabilities. So anyway, last night when I installed everything it appeared to be working very well, I rebooted several times and switched back and forth between windows and Ubuntu. Today when I booted my computer, I get the GNU Grub 2.06 Terminal window.

Fortunately, I am still able to access the windows when I reboot, but if I try to get to Ubuntu ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 - brightness of all apps get dimmed after login
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My issue is similar to Screen Brightness 0% at login, dims at boot except it is on desktop. Screen brightness is full on login prompt screen.

Next I hear a beep sound.

Click here to listen beep

After login, all apps & background get dimmed except for the mouse cursor.

Playing a video in VLC automatically sets brightness to max.

Unfocusing from VLC player dims everything again.

This type of behavior s ...

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Black Screen after installing NVIDIA drivers on ubuntu 22.04
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I have a dual boot system with an NVIDIA RTX 3070. I've had no problems in the past working on ubuntu and using windows for gaming. I tried to install Nvidia Drivers on ubuntu to get my GPU working on the OS.

Ubuntu 22.04 AMD Ryzen 3700X RTX 3070

I went into settings -> additional drivers, and it used to be "X" something and I switched to NVIDIA 505 or 525 and restarted my PC.

After turning off and  ...

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Mounting iSCSI LUN to Ubuntu using open-iscsi
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It would be helpful if anyone can share some step-by-step guides using Ubuntu Linux Server minimal edition without GUI, to mount the iSCSI LUN using Open-iSCSI so it is mapped to /dev/sdb.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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Ubuntu 22.04 root folder claims to have run out of disk space but it is not full
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I am running ubuntu 22.04 and gparted claims that my disk is out of space. Gparted claims that the whole drive is full, while sudo du command says on 23GB is being used. I have tried everything to figure out what is taking up the space. Please help.

gparted image

ubuntu@ubuntu-alienware:/$ sudo du -chax --max-depth=1 / | grep -E "M|G"
12G /var
16M /etc
96M /root
2.0G    /opt
9.6G   ...
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How to stop automatic candidate insertion with ibus-table?
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I’m using ibus-table (specifically, ibus-table-latex) and would like to disable the following behavior: When I start typing something that triggers ibus-table’s candidate list (e. g. any part of \rightarrow, such as \rightar), the candidate list opens and the best-matching candidate is already “pre-selected” for insertion. See the following screenshot:

ibus-table-latex input example

My problem is that even when I press ...

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errno 5 While installing Ubuntu on an Acer laptop
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I just got a new Acer Aspire 5 A515-56 laptop. I'm trying to install Ubuntu on it, however while installing, I keep getting an error message that says [Errno 5] Input/output error.

Error Message

After reading through similar questions, here are some things I have tried.

  • I tried installing Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 (I downloaded both iso files from the official website).
  • I tried using a different bootable ...
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Network unclaimed on ubuntu 22.04.1 acer swift sf314-512
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I have recently bought a new Acer Swift SF314-512 Laptop and installed ubuntu 22.04.1 desktop. The wifi works fine on windows, but on the ubuntu install it does not work.

lshw -C network


*-network UNCLAIMED
    description: Network controller
    product: Alder Lake-P PCH CNVI WiFi
    vendor: Intel corporation
    physical id: 14.3
    bus info: pci@0000:00:14.3
    version: 01
    widt ...
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How can I remove Cinnamon panel without being able to right click on it?
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I wanted to move my bottom panel on my main monitor to the side, but I can't right click in the empty space and anywhere else I right click just gives me a menu for the specific thing that runs in the panel. I created a left panel on the same monitor and now I can't right click it at all and therefore can't delete it. I can right click and delete panels on my second monitor. However when I set my second ...

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Ubuntu 22.04 puts login on secondary monitor. How can I change this to my primary, permanently
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If I log out, when I go to log back in I'm faced with a black screen because the login is on my secondary screen, my television, even when I'm not using that input. I assume this is a bug or I've changed an obscure setting somewhere accidentally. It is very annoying. How can I change this behavior to always logging in on primary monitor?

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Convert mp4 to iso
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I want to convert an mp4 file from YouTube,to an iso file, so I can burn the file to a dvd. I have searched, but cannot find any software that works with Ubuntu.

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I cannot compile my wifi adapter drivers (Lenovo, rtl8852be)
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Kernel version :, Ubuntu 22.04

I have followed the instructions off of this thread, and I have had luck before. But recently it broke, and after a fresh new install, after I pull from git and make, this is the result. I was told its a compiler issue, how can I fix this? Thanks!

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Need to remove Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10
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But the problem I'm facing is: Installed the Ubuntu in UEFI but the windows BIOS was in legacy, now I can't access windows " says it can't find file" and cannot download anything meaning in Ubuntu again same issue. I want to remove everything and start from beginning and install Dual-boot again.

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How do I allocate free disk space to my Ubuntu 22.04 partition?
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I have read and tried the mentioned methods of allocating free space to my Ubuntu partition and have been unable to succeed. I have tried both gparted and the Disk Utility application provided with Ubuntu 22.04. I believe that I may need to move the Free Space to the right of Partition 6 prior to increasing the size of Partition 6 but and again, cannot do so. I might add that all of my efforts were d ...

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How to force Nautilus/Files explorer to show file extensions
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I want to see the file extensions, unfortunatelly, I don't find any configuration to enable it.

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p7zip-desktop: How to specify temporary path for compression?
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Anyone help me to supply the temporary path that is used during compressing the files using p7zip-desktop?

I have installed p7zip-desktop as snap install, and I guess "/tmp" is default temporary path. I want to change it to some other directory.

I tried setting "-w [PATH]" in the parameter input (see below image), but I am not sure whether it's working or not.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 TP412 touchpad and keyboard does not work
hm flag

On my ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 TP412, the touchpad and keyboard do not work.

I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 with libinput (1.20.0-1ubuntu0.1).

What makes the whole thing so strange is that the keyboard and touchpad work with an old Windows (e.g. Windows XP) or an old Ubuntu (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04).

I have already asked for help on the libinput project: ...

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I keep getting a rendering error when trying to play Minecraft
pe flag

Every time I log onto the server and it tries to load the resource pack, I get the rendering error seen in this log:

and here (since it happens with or without the mods and forge):

Ubuntu 22.10
Linux Kernel 5.19, 6.1 and 6.2 (released today) I tried all three

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DNS and/or routing broken on one machine after subnet change in LAN
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I reconfigured my home router to use as the subnet. Previously it was

I have one Ubuntu 22.04 machine which now has broken DNS and/or routing. I have eliminated hardware problems (no problem booting it from an ubuntu 22.04 on external drive). Everything else on the network is fine, including this ubuntu 22.10 laptop.

This problem machine has two wired interfaces and wifi. Al ...

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Wifi suddenly stopped working in Ubuntu 22.10. Question mark for wifi
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I'm running Ubuntu 22.10 with an Intel Wifi AX210 chip. It's a fresh install and I've been using Wifi all day until suddenly it stopped working and I see a question mark where the Wifi symbol should be. The internet definitely works, something is up with my machine.

Here's outputs from various commands in solutions I've tried

hakuna@hakuna-desktop:~$ sudo rfkill list
0: phy0: Wireless LAN
    Soft blo ...

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