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Minecraft runs smoothly on Windows but crashing in Ubuntu 20.04
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Hi and according to the title it crashes and the error is

glfw error 65543: Failed to create context: GLXBadFBConfig.
Please update your drivers. (see for more instructions)

If any more information is required please comment me and i will provide it.

My inbuilt VGA controller:

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Contro ...
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I want to control NVIDIA booting.

I had a lot of issues with NVIDIA and it is almost the reason of any linux-devil but i also need to run dual screens and Nouveau does not work out of the box and only the proprietary drivers work (unlike Manjaro, open-source drivers work out of the box).

The most important reason i want to block it from working is that it consumes 75% of my battery consumption alone ...

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Bat tool for non-ASUS laptops
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In this question:

How to set Battery Charge Thresholds in non thinkpad laptops

It was recommended to use the Bat tool, but reading the GitHub page there is a Disclaimer that says:This has only shown to work on ASUS laptops. For Dell systems, see smbios-utils, particularly the smbios-battery-ctl command, or install it using your package manager. For other manufacturers there is also TLP."

My question is ...

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Monitor/Display Switch Applet for Ubuntu 20.04?
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I have a two monitor setup that's shared between two computers and I have to go back and forth a lot. I'm wondering if there's some kind of display menu applet or extension that would allow me to quickly switch between different configurations without having to open the settings app.

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After I set file permission to 0600 on /etc/passwd, my linux vm failed to boot
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I'm definitely new to Linux. Build a Linux Ubuntu vm in Azure for syslog purposes. Microsoft security configuration recommend /etc/passwd- file permissions should be set to 0600. As soon as I did that, the vm will not be able to boot successfully. It fails to start the networking services. Is this normal? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kit

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Open JDK error when I Install Android Studio Arctic Fox on Xubuntu?
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I am trying to install Android Studio Arctic Fox on my Xubuntu 20.04 using the official guide from here :

I downloaded the .zip file and unzip it into the /opt/ directory but the problem is when I go to the bin folder of android-stuido and open the terminal and run the commnad ./ to install Android Studio I get this error in the terminal: ...

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local DNS with dnsmasq not working for client
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I'm trying to setup my raspberry Pi, running with Ubuntu server 20.04, as a wireless router so I can create a local network behind my raspberry pi.

I'm using hostapd to create a Wifi Access Point and dnsmasq to have a local DNS and DHCP server. The DHCP server seems to work fine: when a client connect (my macbook for instance), it get an IP in the range defined by the DHCP.

But I have issue with the DNS ...

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How to completely disable 3 finger tap by any means in libinput
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What I want is to be able to just disable 3 finger tap because I never use it and it also messes up what code I write. I use libinput and synclient is not an option. I also use X11 instead of Wayland. My goal is to completely disable it. I have been searching for 2 hours now, so finding a duplicate to my question is hard.

Neofetch returns this bit of info if needed

OS: Kubuntu 21.04 x86_64
Host: iBall  ...
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System freezes when RAM limit reached, doesn't use swap
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I have a 16GB RAM system and whenever I hit the limit of RAM the whole system freezes even the mouse cursor starts to become jittery until it doesn't move at all. Keyboard, mouse, nothing. So I am forced to do a hard power-off which isn't probably good for the electronics. I've set up a 16GB swap which shows up properly in free -m and in top but it's always at 0 usage.

              total        used   ...
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How to install ssh keychain on Ubuntu with WSL
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Please help me understand how to install ssh keychain on my Ubuntu under WSL in order for me to be able to configure my .ssh/config file to use key chain. I've tried editing my config file that I created myself in my .ssh folder to add Usekeychain but it does not recognise that as a command.

I tried uninstalling my ssh server and re-installing it manually but nothing changed. I just got stuck in adding  ...

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How to check if u-boot exists in a linux device
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I am trying to remove u-boot on an embedded device to reduce boot time. The platform I am working on is jetson Nano B01 I have followed the instructions to flash without u-boot but I don't know how to check if the process succeeded

I tried checking version but those commands fail...

strings /dev/mtd0 | grep U-boot
sudo grep -a --null-data U-boot /dev/mmcbllkboot

fail with no such file found type of error ...

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Summit E13 Flip - Battery charging thresholds when using mostly plugged to the AC adapter
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Because I use the laptop mostly plugged to the AC adapter, and to prolong the battery life, I have setup in Windows the battery charging thresholds (within MSI Center for Business and Productivity) to:

  • Charge the battery only when is below 50%, then charge it up to 60%

I use the laptop (MSI Summit E13 Flip EVO) with Windows and Ubuntu 21.04, mostly Ubuntu 21.04, I haven't been able to find a way  ...

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Control which google calendar goes in my notifications
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In Ubuntu 21.04 I have added in Online Accounts my google account. On my google account I have 2 calendars. I only want to have stuff from one of those calendars show up in my notifications bar / gnome calendar thing that is at the top of my screen.

I can disable all the calendars in the settings for the Online Accounts page, but I do not want that, I only want to disable one

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After Kernel 5.11 update, computer won't boot? Related to nVidia drivers. (Kernel
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Almost solved - Please help!

I thought earlier it was due to installed i386 architecture, when it in fact was because of the newest Ubuntu 20.04.10 Linux Kernel

    $ dpkg --list | grep linux-image
ii  linux-image-5.11.0-25-generic              5.11.0-25.27~20.04.1                  amd64        Signed kernel image generic
rc  linux-image-5.4.0-42-generic               5.4.0-42.46             ...
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What should I wipe on my /home mount after a fresh installation?
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I keep my system as followed:

  1. Ubuntu installation (mount point "/" and EFI boot) is on a NVMe SSD disk.
  2. All personal files (mount point "/home") is on a different SSD.

Every now and then, I would wipe the OS on the first SSD and remount the "/home" point from the second SSD so I can keep my personal files untouched between each installations.

However, there are many hidden folders in "/home", such as ...

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How to persist settings for default audio output on Ubuntu 21.04?
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I have Ubuntu 21.04 running.

I always need to change the audio output settings from "Analog Out" (which has no sound) to "Speakers" (works well).

The same problem occurs with the audio input ("Analog input" does not work, but "Internal microphone" does).

How to persist these changes?

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FTP will not accept a requested login
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I get the following error message when I try to connect to my vsftpd server:

There was a problem connecting to your host or proxy. Please check your server settings and try again. If you are sure you have entered the correct information, please contact your network administrator or the server administrator. [7] Additional information: couldn't connect to host.

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Help regarding installation on acer aspire e5-573 - after finishing installing from USB, boot option does not show up
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So I have attempted to install Ubuntuvon my Acer aspire e5-573. This laptop I could consider it a fossil, so I thought about making it run easier by replacing windows with ubuntu. Before this it was running in legacy boot mode, so I swapped it to UEFI with secure boot disabled and had to restart like twice for the USB to show up by itself. I have deleted the windows on it and replaced it with ubuntu, bu ...

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Does Ubuntu 20.04 support the Lenovo ST50 with the Raid-530 8i adapter
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Has anyone made a Lenovo ST50 run with the Lenovo Raid 530-8i adapter ? We have tried setting this up with no luck. We fall back on the onboard software raid for the time being but i'm interested to know that could get this to work. I found out that the ST50 is supported but it's unclear if the Raid adapter in the ST50 is. The RAID adapter is supported on other Lenovo servers though...

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I can not install pip3 on my Ubuntu
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I need to install pip3 on my ubuntu but if i run sudo apt install python3-pip I get following error: error installing pip

If I try to run sudo apt --fix-broken install to solve the error, I get the followind message: error running --fix-broken

Enyone know something I could do?

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fips-updates UA service does not seem to disable MD5
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I have fips-updates enabled on an Ubuntu 20.04.2 EC2 instance through Ubuntu Advantage, but MD5 still seems to be allowed and working.

$ sudo ua status
fips          yes       n/a       NIST-certified core packages
fips-updates  yes       enabled   NIST-certified core packages with priority security updates

$ cat /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled
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My nano editor can't read tags?
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I normally use nano edit, however, today when I open it, it didn't show "<>" and character next to it. I have reinstalled Ubuntu and the problem is still there.

In the image below it doesn't show "<role" for example:

Screenshot showing error

I know they are missing because when I add a comment "<role" shows up:

Screenshot showing expected output

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How to prevent BIND logging queries matching a regular expression?
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I am currently running BIND named on my Internet facing servers to respond to authoritative query requests for my domains. So, I have configured /etc/bind/named.conf.local as follows to log all queries coming to my DNS servers:


logging {
        channel query.log {
                file "/var/log/named/query.log" versions 10 size 10m;
                severity debug 3;
                print-time y ...
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Can't write to a hidden path using Curl
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I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 today. I got as far as setting up my vim environment which installs plug.vim using curl when I hit a speed bump.

Error creating directory /home/simon/.vim/autoload.
curl: (23) Failed writing received data to disk/application

The relevant lines in the .vimrc are:

" Auto-install plugin manager if it doesnt exist (and PlugInstall)
if empty(glob('~/.vim/autoload/ ...
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juju k8s-core deployment: Waiting for CNI plugins to become available
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I am struggling with installation of juju kubernetes-core charm

I have setup three environments:

  • juju-controller
  • juju add-cloud manual
  • added two focal Ubuntu 4 CPU 4GB RAM

Then I ran:

juju deploy --dry-run cs:bundle/kubernetes-core-1340 --map-machines=existing,0=0,1=1

and see that I am stuck in "juju status"

Model    Controller  Cloud/Region      Version  SLA          Timestamp
default  k8s     ...
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RTL8821CE driver installed, but not active
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After reinstalling ubuntu-desktop via apt-get and a kernel update for AMDGPU 5000 series support, I found that I couldn’t find the WiFi option in the settings app. I chrooted into my machine via a live USB with the drivers working and tried reinstalling the drivers. The drivers were already installed on the latest version. Is my driver mall functioning or disabled?

I’m using Ubuntu 21.04 usin ...

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Ubuntu 21.04. Does apt update and apt upgrade work on all apps?
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Newbie here. About 3 weeks ago I switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 21.04. Occasionally I do ‘sudo apt update’ and ‘sudo apt upgrade’. Does this update/upgrade all my apps? If not, how can I tell which apps are not getting updated/upgraded?

I want to keep all my apps up to date. I have installed a few snaps, flatpaks and appimages.

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Does installing Ubuntu delete all my data in other disks too?
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I already have Windows 10 installed and want to replace it with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, but I have two drives: one SSD, one hard drive.

Will installing Ubuntu erase the data on my both disks, or only the one on which I install Ubuntu, and how can choose in which disk I want to install Ubuntu on?

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How to use accented characters in /etc/fstab?
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I would like to mount an SMB share, so I added an entry in /etc/fstab:

// /media/Rendetlenség cifs credentials=/home/<user>/.smbcredentials,uid=<user>,gid=<user>,user,bind  0 0

The mount point called "Rendetlenség".

When mount point is /media/Rendetlenseg, it works perfectly, however when it's /media/Rendetlenség (accented character: "é"), I get an error me ...

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Ubuntu 21.04 Autoinstall not working
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We're trying to automate Ubuntu 21.04 from ISO. The process stuck in the step from the screenshot below. We're using cloud-init to configure it. The same process working well for Ubuntu 20.04. Therefore, the user-date and meta-data files are ok and were copied to server 21.04 installation as well. We cannot found any errors in the Installer folder logs or any other logs. The only error is cfg80211  ...

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