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Apache/2.4.46 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80 Error
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I have uploaded 2 django projects before and worked perfectly fine to the server, but now for some reason I am receiving this error. I have revisited a tutorial word by word and revised it several times, I am not sure why I keep receving this error:

You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Error for 403 Forbidden You don't hav ...
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ubuntu 20.04 cannot connect to wifi (wifi settings not visible)
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I have a new laptop (MSI GE66 raider) and recently installed ubuntu (dual boot with windows 10).

I noticed that my wifi download speed was slower on ubuntu than on windows 10. I tried reinstalling the adapter and so I followed the instructions on this answer: No WiFi Adapter Found with fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install on MSI GE66 Laptop, and other strange behavior

When I rebooted, my wifi settings disappeared ...

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How to edit fcitx tables & fix broken inputs
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I've found some characters missing from fcitx-table-cangjie5 and would like to add them.

I've tried nano /usr/share/fcitx/table/cangjie5.mb but it always freezes.


  1. Are there any commands like (making this up to demonstrate the functionality I want):

cat -ni cangjie5.mb (to list all entries for ni) and

insert -ni -3 cangjie5.mb (to insert in the 3rd position under ni)?

  1. Is there a way t ...
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My Dell XPS 9350 is automatically waking from sleep
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Recently, my laptop has begun waking up immediately after going to sleep, while unplugged with the lid open or closed. This is causing my battery to drain quickly and the laptop to get very hot if I put it in my bag. It seems like after each restart it will sleep normally for one cycle, after I wake it I can't get it back to sleep.

Here is an example from the log of what it's doing:

Aug 06 15:28:22 JW ...
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su command in /usr/bin
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I have an udev rule that runs a command as root. I have two different machines running on ubuntu and the su command in these machines are located in different locations. In one computer is located in /bin/ (ubuntu 20.04.2), while in the other is located in /usr/bin/ (ubuntu 20.10). The rule only works on the machine where su is located in /usr/bin/, even if I modify the path appropriately. How can I in ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 fails to boot after I ran "/bcdedit set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi" in Windows
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I was having issues getting the GRUB bootloader to be the default on my system, which is a dual boot between Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04. It didn't appear in my UEFI/BIOS anywhere, and I read online that running

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

Would set it to default to grub within windows, meaning I could pick each time I boot my system which OS to use, rather than have it just de ...

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How to diagnose strange intermittent kernel misbehaviors
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See the Event Logs heading farther down.

I'm on Ubuntu Server 21.04 running kernel 5.11.0-1015-raspi on aarch64.

What are the most effective things to prepare to move forward on diagnosing this next time it happens?

Occasionally after heavy use I start getting strange issues such as these:

  • some processes that should be doing nothing display 100% usage of a single core on top (this happened recently  ...
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Changing text on lock screen (XFCE/Xubuntu)
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I'm trying to change the text on the top-left of the lock screen (along the top bar) from "Ubuntu" to my own string.

I've checked the LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings and Screensaver Settings and I can't find where to set it.

Image for reference:

Lock screen top bar

How would I go about doing this?

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Is there a way to set /run/snapd/ns/lxd.mnt with option nodev?
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My organization has flagged our new servers with security issues, one stated as such:

/run/snapd/ns/lxd.mnt partition does not have 'nodev' option set

Is it possible to set that option through a config somewhere?

I know it can be done with mount -o remount,nodev but I don't think that can be set in /etc/fstab given lxd is using nsfs.

We're running Ubuntu 20.04.

Output of mount | grep lxd

/var/lib/sna ...
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Why is the time not syncing?
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I want the time to sync, but it's not. I tried running the following commands, but it's still not syncing.

# timedatectl set-ntp off
# timedatectl set-ntp on
# timedatectl status
                      Local time: Fri 2021-08-06 20:01:43 EDT
                  Universal time: Sat 2021-08-07 00:01:43 UTC
                        RTC time: Fri 2021-08-06 20:01:43
                       Time zone: Americ ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 - drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_flip_done
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I've decided to start using linux (because... why not?), so I went through all the installation process without any problem, the system ask for rebooting, so I let it does.

But when the machine restarted, my screen started turning on and off twice and this message appeared:

Photo of the message (It's not a VM so I couldn't take screenshot/copy the message

And it stays stuck like this forever.

The screen ...

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Systemd timer with WakeSystem=true waiting for twice the specified time
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I wanted to understand systemd timers, so I've been fiddling. I've found an odd behavior which is not what I wanted. When I start a systemd timer using WakeSystem=true and OnActiveSec setting the timer, then I suspend, the timer waits for that duration twice instead of once.

Here's an example you can try yourself:

date >> /home/user/Desktop/MyWakeLog.txt;sudo systemd-run --unit='WakeTimer'  ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 not booting after failed update and cannot access grub menu
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I’m a relatively new Ubuntu/Linux user and am looking for some advice on how to potentially save an installation of Ubuntu 20.04 on a Dell Precision 3431. Ubuntu 18.04 came preinstalled on this machine. I updated immediately and its been running 20.04 fine ever since. Yesterday, a failed update appears to have resulted in an inability to boot - I get the Dell Splash screen but then a black screen with ...

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My Ubuntu freezes everytime there's an update
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Whenever there's a new update, my Ubuntu freezes and doesn't respond to anything.

The only thing that works is REISUB.

I hate to have to restart the machine because I setup my development environment and lose my browser tabs and other stuff.

A little history, I had installed nVidia drivers before and they consumed the battery because the GPU was constantly in use. After removing the drivers, the comput ...

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Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS - no luks password prompt on Lenovo X390 after upgrades
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I think, after some upgrades with apt-get upgrade on my Lenovo X390 with Ubuntu 20 I do not get any password prompt to decrypt the disk anymore. I just see the Lenovo logo and I’m not able to press anything, also typing the password and press enter is not working. The boot process is stuck on the Lenovo logo where normally was the password prompt below the Logo.

If I boot Ubuntu from an USB-Sti ...

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Install TP-link TL-WN725N USB wifi driver on Ubuntu 20.04
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I have a USB wifi adaper tp-link model TL-WN725N. It was working fine but suddenly today it's saying that "No wifi adapters found". So I tried installing a driver from this page. But the installation failed. make all command wasn't compiling then I checked the website again. In the website it says, Operating System: Linux (kernel 2.6.18 ~ 3.19.3). But my kernal is 5.11.0-25-generic. And the USB devic ...

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Ubuntu 21.4, how to update everything from the command line?
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Just wondering... To update my system, I normally run sudo apt update followed by sudo apt upgrade if necessary. I believe this should keep my system reasonably up-to-date. However, these commands do nothing with the snap system. I have a desktop item that I have named updates, that runs the command update-manager. When I click on that item, I get a message telling me it's checking for updates, oft ...

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npm command not found in wsl
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I had installed nodejs on windows10 & its path is also set to environment variable. It is working perfectly. As I switched to WSL I found npm commands were not working however I could run node.exe from within WSL. Do I need to install node for wsl separately? please help me I am really a newbie. I might be asking a silly question though. screenshot attached here

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Add watermark to all PDF pages
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Please tell me how to use the command line correctly in this case. And so the task, there are a lot of pdf files on all pages of these files I need to add a watermark. I made watermark in pdf and it works. I have already used pdftk, but only for one file, that is, when we open the terminal in the directory and enter - "pdftk original.pdf multistamp link.pdf output final.pdf" Everything works fine for on ...

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No networking after upgrade to 20.04-2 5.11.0-25
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I finally took the leap of updating after a few months stuck due to an NVidia driver bug and now I have no networking.

I'm typing in a phone so excuse my formatting.

lspci -nn | egrep '0200|0280'

Shows my Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit Ethernet Controller

ifconfig -a

Just shows lo, no eth0

I ran some other command which I found somewhere else which escapes me, but that showed my network adapter as...

*-UNCLA ...

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How to map an action to a list of keycodes with xmodmap?
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I'm using ubuntu 20.04 on a MSI laptop.

The problem that I found is relative to the keys that can be used with the fn e.g. the key fn+f3 should disable the touchpad.

In the system settings if I try to create a normal custom shortcut and I press f3 it is recognized, but if I press fn+f3 I don't get anything, practically the system is not recognizing it as a key.

I know that I can use xmodmap to change ...

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I'm new and I need help to get my machine into a domain
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as I said in the title of the question in I'm new to ubuntu and I want to add my machine to a windows server domain and I don't know where to start I'm using Ubuntu version 18.04

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Running Google Home On Ubuntu
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Good Day I was wondering if I could install google home on ubuntu. I have seen people installing it on raspberry pi and on raspbian. I have a bluetooth speaker lying around and a Ubuntu system running servers. If anyone has an idea on how I could install or make it work kindly let me know. If for some reason google home is not an option, Alexa could work too. I just want to see if this is possible and m ...

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Second time a 20.04 update has stopped my mercusys AC650 wifi from working! Please advise, thanks
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This is the second time an update within 20.04 has stopped the mercusys wifi AC650 from working for me (the first time in the first week of using Ubuntu). I have now plugged in a wire to get the internet back working. The previous time I received a successful resolution here; Using a Mercusys AC650 usb wifi on in Ubuntu 20.04

Following the advice previously I tried;

cd build
cd rtl8821CU
make clean ...
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How to get my MODEL JB6612 Long Distance Wifi Antenna to run on ubuntu 20.04 ? I have no driver or software for it anymore
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I used it successfully when I was running Windows. I now changed over to Ubuntu 20.04 when I got a new computer. I no longer have the CD for the Ideaworks indoor/outdoor long distance WIFI antenna. Powered by USB.

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0461:0010 Primax Electronics, Ltd HP PR1101U / Primax PMX-KPR1101U Keyboard
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0bda:0129 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controll ...
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Increase GRUB time
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I recently installed ubuntu (dual boot with windows). Right now this is the way it is set up: The GRUB screen shows up and after 20 seconds it boots onto Linux (If I choose windows within that 20 seconds, then I can choose to load windows.)

How do I make the GRUB screen stay on for much longer and not just 20 seconds so that I can manually choose to load linux or windows? Sometimes I turn on the  ...

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where can one get Adobe Air 2.6 runtime for Ubuntu?
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I've tried googling all over the place, but .. could not find any page with a working download link for Air 2.6 runtime for Linux. I've started off here

This one here ( says "The last version to support desktop Linux distributions is AIR 2.6. AIR 2.6 is available from the AIR Archiv ...

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Ubuntu 18.04 audio not working
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Tried this like sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio sudo alsa force-reload

This is how the pulseaudio settings looks like

enter image description here

Still audio is not working in my system

enter image description here

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Wifi connection worked initially
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I installed lubuntu 20.04, and was able to connect to the Internet allowing me to download a full upgrade according to the system and was able to download an installer for google chrome. It asked to be rebooted before installing chrome. Upon restarting, the device could see all available wifi connections in the house, but when choosing to connect, it said the connection was lost. I use a generic WiFi d ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 broken gdm on wake up from suspend mode
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I'm using a desktop with Ubuntu 20.04 and a Nvidia RTX 2070 with driver "nvidia-driver-470". Sometimes when SO goes to suspend mode, on wake up GDM come back broken like this image.

So I need to run this command to GDM works again: sudo systemctl restart gdm

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