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Cannot upgrade Ubuntu due to unmet dependencies: unixodbc : Depends: odbcinst1debian2 (>= 2.3.11) but it is not installed
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Starting yesterday, I cannot upgrade my Ubuntu installation. When running sudo apt-get upgrade I got an error:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these.
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 unixodbc : Depends: odbcinst1debian2 (>= 2.3.11) but it is not installed
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VNC behaving weirdly
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I have an Ubuntu-based Docker container (using this image, which is based on this Ubuntu 22.04 image) that I'm VNC'ing into from a Windows machine. I've used a couple of different VNC clients (VNC Viewer and TightVNC) and both exhibit the same behavior. The client area is huge, mostly black, with a low resolution terminal at the top-left:

Screenshot of VNC client

(note the scroll bar on the right. Scrolling down just shows a ...

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Ubuntu 22.04 stops in kworker
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After running Ubuntu 22.04 for a few hours, it crashes. It crashes completely and requires a physical reboot. When this happens, the first process on top is kworker, as shown in the image:

enter image description here

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Document Viewer not using printer settings
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I have two HP laserjet P2035 printers on my system running Ubuntu 22.04. Each printer has two different kinds of paper loaded in different paper trays. Instead of manually selecting which printer and which paper settings to use each time I print, I tried to set up some printer instances for each type and have default settings for each one. This works fine except for document viewer. No matter which prin ...

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made a typo doing a command and it gave me weird warnings
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so I wrote 'sudo snap-store quit' but it should have been 'sudo snap-store --quit' instead, and it gave me a lot of weird warnings like '/system/ folder is predicated' 'mkdir: couldn't create new directory'. should I format my laptop? is it dangerous?

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Ubuntu Core on Raspberry Pi 4 Install Configuration Too Fast
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I'm trying to install Ubuntu Core 22 (and I tried 20 as well) on a Raspberry Pi 4, but am being faced with a super fast reset on the install configuration console. I have about 5 seconds after the first time I hit the enter key until it returns me back to the original prompt to "Press enter to configure". It's way faster than shown in this video.

I'm using image ubuntu-core-22-armhf+raspi.img.xz, ...

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Blank Launcher in Menu Bar in 22.04
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I recently upgraded my desktop from 16.04 to 22.04. Under Gnome 3 (Metacity) I now have a blank Launcher on the right end of my menu bar, to the left of the Indicator applet, as shown:

enter image description here

The Properties dialog for this launcher is blank, and the mouseover text reads Failed to load key file "/home/<userid>/.config/gnome-panel/launchers/firefox-2.desktop": No such file or directory.

How can I get rid of ...

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No audio after upgrading kernel to 5.15.0-60
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After upgrading to new kernel all audio in/out was lost. Reverting back to previous kernel restores audio. While booted into the new kernel, I found that if I run "alsamixer" on the command line, I get:

alpha@Gaia2:~$ alsamixer ALSA lib confmisc.c:855:(parse_card) cannot find card '0' ALSA lib conf.c:5178:(_snd_config_evaluate) function snd_func_card_inum returned error: No such file or direct ...

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Why does docker run helloworld on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 fail with `unable to apply apparmor profile`?
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I've tried a fresh install of Ubuntu (release 20.04) on my cloud server and then tried to install docker and run the setup based on information from Ubuntu's Official Page.

When I reach the step for testing with "Hello World"by running:

sudo docker run hello-world

I would get the following error:

docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc creat ...
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Intermittently unable to connect to certain hosts when browsing the internet in Ubuntu 22.04
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I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04, and I've since been experiencing a strange issue with my internet connection, specifically when browsing the net.

Short description:

When browsing a certain host, the browser will randomly (and repeatedly) be unable to connect to it for a short period of time, until the ability is regained.

Detailed example:

To better describe it I'll illustrate with a c ...

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Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) [Errors encountered when processing 9 things]
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I'm new to Ubuntu and linux as a whole and have recently encountered this issue. I've looked into fixes and nothing I could find helped so I'm kinda stumped. It's stopping me from installing apps, so is pretty major.

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process  ...
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VS Code estensions don't work in Ubuntu
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hello guys i have a problem, when i download this background extension in vs code a message pops that says this and then after i retry with admin it says this tho when i try on windows i get no problems , i did research about it a lot but couldn't find anything useful to help me , can sm1 help that would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Built-in laptop screen is laggy even when external monitor is not a problem
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I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a ROG Flow Z13 (2022). I have a samsung screen (LS34A650UXLXZX ) connected with USB-C. Both have been working ok, but recently I noticed that in the built-in screen the mouse, the keyboard even dragging a window to that display is very laggy. Meanwhile in the external screen there is not such a problem. I have installed nvidia-driver-470-server

I tried to upgrade  ...

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Be directly in file name when saving an image
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Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Hey there! Whenever I download an image using the Firefox Web Browser, I get presented with the following screen: enter image description here

When I donwload something, I usually want to change the name of the file right away, and not have it be something like sample_apwdeoiuhrp9qwe8ihrp9uhiuh12uh3.jpg. But when I try to type, I'm not in the "adress bar". I instead have to manually move my mouse to th ...

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Firefox show black screen on first time run when using Wayland
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I've installed Ubuntu 22.04 on an old Dell Vostro 1700 laptop with 4GB of RAM and 17" display 1440x900. Everything's working fine but there is one small thing which is annoying me.

I have installed the minimal installation and then installed additional packages I wanted. Among them Firefox which has been installed as snap version.

If I login using Wayland, the first time I try to start Firefox I can ...

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Keyboard doesn't work starting from login screen on Ubuntu 20.04
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I have two operating systems installed on my laptop, Windows and Ubuntu 20.04. The keyboard works fine in Windows, but when I load Ubuntu, the keyboard stops working from the login screen. Furthermore, the keyboard does not work in the BIOS and Windows itself after this occurs, and it only starts working again after several restarts. How to solve this problem without having to reinstall Ubuntu? Thank yo ...

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How do you set FSAA/FXAA settings per applications in NVIDIA Settings
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I am trying to set FSAA on Minecraft with NVIDIA Settings (Application Profiles) but it doesn't seem to work. I have tried other applications as well and it doesn't seem to do anything. Please tell me if there is anything wrong with my configuration.

Edit: I found out FSAA doesn't work on Minecraft even if it is enabled globally. FXAA works on Minecraft when it's enabled globally but messes with *Go ...

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power does not off completely
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i have recently install ubuntu 22.04.i am new to this operating system.When i try to power off my pc it does not off completely.its power indicator does not off along side with some component.i have to power off manually by cutting power.PLEASE give me some advice regarding this problem.

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Netplan wasn't applied
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I edited netplan yaml file in the /etc/netplan directory to set static ip on ens1f0 interface.

        addresses: [,]
        search: []
      dhcp4: true
  version: 2
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No kernel modules showing in /lib/modules in WSL
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I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.5 under Windows 11 using WSL2 and trying to resolve (and educate myself) about a problem to do with the display kernel modules (which I understand to be the Linux equivalent of device drivers).

I am trying to run local videos (one .avi and one .mp4) on Mplayer and VLC from the Linux terminal. Both work, but poorly with a lot of chopping and stuttering.

If I run the same videos f ...

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How do I get rid of this black screen when trying to install ubuntu on m1 mac using virtual machine?
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I've tried changing my cores and RAM settings as well, but to no avail. I looked for a similar issue online, but couldn't find one. I'm currently using 4 cores with 4GB RAM and 30GB disk space.

I'm using UMT as the virtualization application.

I'm getting this after clicking on Install Ubuntu 22.04.

Screenshot of what I'm getting after clicking on "Install Ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS"

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LibreOffice applications hides half of the Ubuntu dock
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From time to time, the Libreoffice applications like Writer and Calc and the ubuntu dock overlap with a transparency effect. This also happens with Evince (pdf reader). To solve this, you have to minimize the application window and then maximize it to see the dock correctly.

I don't experience this with other applications (except evince).

Is there a special setting to avoid this ? Ubuntu 22.04 - Lib ...

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Horizontal colored lines appearing on display (Ubuntu 22.04)
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While working with my DELL XPS 13 laptop (shipped with Ubuntu), sometimes colored horizontal lines appear (I cannot recreate the beahvior, it seems random). I tried attaching an external monitor to see if the behavior pesists on the other monitor: nevertheless, it seems these lines don't appear anymore even on my laptop when an external monitor is attached.

Any hint? See photo.

EDIT: my info PC mode ...

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Rename files in subfolders, move them to parent folder and delete subfolder
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Currently doing some cleanup work and I'm struggling to rename my files accordingly.

I currently have it akin to this (Names are just placeholders, there are a lot more than alpha and beta):

└── Project/
    ├── alpha/
    │   ├── alpha1/
    │   │   ├── file1
    │   │   └── file2
    │   └── alpha2/
    │       ├── file1
    │       └── ...
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Lot of dpkg package missing, but I can't reinstall them
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I had a problem with python-debian package with Lubuntu 18.04 and I reinstalled it. After that I get a lot of:

dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'PACKAGE' missing; assuming package has no files currently installed

I reinstalled a lot of them with apt-get install --reinstall PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 etc, but a bunch of them I can't reinstall:

Reinstallation of PACKAGE is not possible, it cannot  ...

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Error wiping volume - Failed to wipe signatures on the device '/dev/loop12' (udisks-error-quark, 0)
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When I tried to format the mounted image (ext4) in Disks on Ubuntu 22.10, the following error message popped up.

Error wiping device 'Failed to wipe signatures on the device '/dev/loop12' (udisks-error-quark, 0)’ 

How to solve this issue?


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Configure number of frontends created for DVB adapter
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I just replaced my old MythTV server (a NUC5) box with a newer NUC11 box. The O/S on the old box was fully updated so the kernel version is the same. I have also kept the same tuner bank of four USB Avermedia AverTV Volar Green HD tuners. On the old box each USB tuner had two frontends, so I had a total of 8 available tuner channels. On the new box each tuner has only one frontend so I have 4 tuner  ...

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Ubuntu 22.04 wifi disabled
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I've just installed an Ubuntu 22.04 on my Dell Latitude 5480 but the wifi card doesn't work. The ifconfig command doesn't show the wlp2s0 device. It looks like it's a hardware problem:

Results of sudo lshw -C network :

*-network DISABLED  
       description: Wireless interface  
       product: Wireless 8265 / 8275  
       vendor: Intel Corporation  
       physical id: 0  
       bus info: pci ...
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22.10 Battery does not charge if laptop shut - but not suspended
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I have a Dell Inspiron 13-7359. I have it set to remain on when the lid is shut (as it acts as my media server). I have it set on Balanced mode.

It is NOT suspended.

I can see that the battery is gradually draining.

If I open the lid, it immediately starts charging right up to 100%.

Any ideas or do I just open the lid when I need it to charge?

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Ubuntu 22.04 will not run Minecraft after install
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I have installed Minecraft by downloading it from the main site, mirror and via wget in the terminal and I get one of two results:

Failed to load the page.
Please check your internet connection and try Reload again.
Error message: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (code=105).

The second is:

Sorry! We were unable to get your account information. Please restart your launcher.

I never got a chance to submit my acc ...

The Stunning Power of Questions

Much of an executive’s workday is spent asking others for information—requesting status updates from a team leader, for example, or questioning a counterpart in a tense negotiation. Yet unlike professionals such as litigators, journalists, and doctors, who are taught how to ask questions as an essential part of their training, few executives think of questioning as a skill that can be honed—or consider how their own answers to questions could make conversations more productive.

That’s a missed opportunity. Questioning is a uniquely powerful tool for unlocking value in organizations: It spurs learning and the exchange of ideas, it fuels innovation and performance improvement, it builds rapport and trust among team members. And it can mitigate business risk by uncovering unforeseen pitfalls and hazards.

For some people, questioning comes easily. Their natural inquisitiveness, emotional intelligence, and ability to read people put the ideal question on the tip of their tongue. But most of us don’t ask enough questions, nor do we pose our inquiries in an optimal way.

The good news is that by asking questions, we naturally improve our emotional intelligence, which in turn makes us better questioners—a virtuous cycle. In this article, we draw on insights from behavioral science research to explore how the way we frame questions and choose to answer our counterparts can influence the outcome of conversations. We offer guidance for choosing the best type, tone, sequence, and framing of questions and for deciding what and how much information to share to reap the most benefit from our interactions, not just for ourselves but for our organizations.