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Disk space increased after moving Timeshift out
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Please let me understand one thing. I'm going to start from the fact that basically I was runing Ubuntu on my computer which was equipped in 120 GB SSD drive. Then I've decided to make back up of my system with use of Timeshift (which is my favourite tool for that). Because of that from longer time my disk was suffering and constantly reported out of space. One time even crushed badly , but restorin ...

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Lost usb on two ports of my laptop
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I have lost use of a couple of usb ports on my laptop and I get this with a working port :

dmesg | grep -1 USB
[  546.010255] usb 1-9: Product: AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt v1.0
[  546.010256] usb 1-9: SerialNumber: AQDFCB0101009070
[  551.233652] hid-generic 0003:21B4:0085.0002: hiddev0,hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Device [AudioQuest AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt v1.0] on usb-0000:00:14.0-9/input2
[  5 ...
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how to force SBC codec on A2DP profile on ubuntu 22.04 bluetooth audio?
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enter image description here

my headphones always chop audio when reconnecting. and always work normally on the first pairing connection. i've tested this several times. i've tried this but it didn't work. using pavucontrol, i noticed all reconnections use A2DP with SBC XQ 552kbps (choppy audio) and all pairing connections use A2DP with SBC (normal audio). switching the codecs i discovered the only one with good audio is SBC

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Bluetooth problems
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I have been facing an issues and can't quite figure it out. I have paired my Samsung Earbuds pro to my Ubuntu (latest version), but the quality of the voice is very very bad. I've followed many instructions, but couldn't fix it. A2DP is missing from the sound setting, it only gives me 3 other options (HSP/HFP, codec CVSD, codec mSBC).

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HTTP request host header using netcat (nc)
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How to use netcat (nc) to set host header in a HTTP request?

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How to prevent all domain names except one domain?
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I have a server that my users connect to for internet browsing. I want my users can only access a website like but nothing else. This website is behind Cloudflare CDN. So I can't block the website based on IP address

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Routing not working the same on two internal NIC
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on mu Ubuntu 22.04 server I have two internal NIC and one external connected to the Internet. I have defined the interfaces with Netplan as follows :

      dhcp4: true
        route-metric: 100
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USB Flash Drive found, but not mounted
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My Flash USB stopped working recently, though nothing was done to it during this period. Looks like it's detected, but then can't be mounted properly.

Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

udevadm monitor

KERNEL[554.700306] add      /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb2/2-6 (usb)
KERNEL[554.765191] add      /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb2/2-6/2-6:1.0 (usb)
KERNEL[554.765360] add      /devices/virtual/workqueue/sc ...
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vnc server disconnects when unplugging hdmi
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I am using vnc to share my ubuntu machine screen to windows vnc client and it works fine but when I disconnect the ubuntu machines HDMI to monitor connection the vnc server stops serving the feed and my vnc client display freezes. When I did some research I saw that I have to set hdmi_force_hotplug=1 inside the /boot/config.txt file but this is for raspberry pi os what is the equivalent solution f ...

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Can't Run Putty on Ubuntu 22.10
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    (putty:7413): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 22:5*:*9.028: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar

(putty:7413): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 22:5*:*9.028: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar

(putty:7413): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 22:5*:*9.028: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar

this error come out in terminal whe ...

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How to initialize Firefox on wayland always by default?
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I want to initialize firefox on wayland always, also from the GUI, for now I can do it from the terminal using the following command:


That works, and also I know that I can put that as an alias, but what I would like to know is how to do the same by default i.e. When clicking at the icon of firefox at the GUI.

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Ubuntu 22.04 - Wifi Manager
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I'm having several problems with the Wifi connection and management of Ubuntu.

  1. In the settings pane under Wi-Fi I can't connect to any other Wifi than "Die Anstalt". When I click any other Wifi, nothing happens and it tries to connect with "Die Anstalt" again (even if I didn't check "Connect automatically").

  2. The Wifi is very unstable in general, it constantly disconnects after some time and then trie ...

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Upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04 can't startx
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I just did the upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04, using do-release-upgrade

Everything went smoothly but now I am unable to start the graphical interface, I get an error message with a button to logout and I can see this error displaying after that :

xf86EnableIO: failed to enable I/O ports 0000-03ff (Operation not permitted)

I tried a lot from what I could find on Google, but so far it didn't work, if any ...

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iMac late 2009 display in non safe mode bug
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I installed Ubuntu to an iMac from late 2009 that I have fixed up. I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu with a usb stick. The usb black and white menu renders fine but as I enter the try/install ubuntu the screen splits off like this. The OS is completely usable but the resolution is messed up and there are four duplicated displays in each corner.

This issue persists with different Linux distros a ...

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Why does apt-mark showhold show two packages which are up-to-date
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On an Ubuntu server with these specs:

user@server:~$ uname -mor
5.4.0-139-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux

user@server:~$  cat /etc/os-release 
VERSION="18.04.6 LTS (Bionic Beaver)"
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS"
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Can't boot into Ubuntu 22.04
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While trying to upgrade python, I've somehow managed to damage something in my Ubuntu setup. I first noticed that the terminal app had disappeared, and using ctrl-alt-Fx wouldn't give me a command line to reinstall it.

I then tried rebooting, but now it won't boot to GUI. I can log in and use the command line, but I have no network access so trying to reinstall ubuntu-desktop fails.

I've tried fixin ...

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Wine 8 has started crashing when trying to run yabridge - failed to create wineusb driver
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I'm using Wine 8.0 to run some Windows VSTs in Ardour. It has been working just fine using yabridge. Today when I tried to start Ardour, wine crashed:

11:17:30 [LABS (64 Bit)-09AGLXaq] Initializing yabridge version 4.0.2
11:17:30 [LABS (64 Bit)-09AGLXaq] library:       '/home/xxxxx/.local/share/yabridge/'
11:17:30 [LABS (64 Bit)-09AGLXaq] host:          '/home/xxxxx/.local/shar ...
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Headset Logitech H340: not working properly, sound comes with noises
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Logitech H340 usb headset not working properly, sound comes with noises.

I tried to fix it by changing settings inside /etc/pulse/daemon.conf and /etc/pulse/, also I tried with pipewire audio driver, but the issue remains.

Any idea how to fix this or is it incompatible with Ubuntu 22.04?

    Name: alsa_output.usb-Logitech_Inc._Logi_USB_Headset_H340-00.analog-stereo
    Description: Headset H340 ...
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python3.8 and pip after upgrading to 22.04.2
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I just updated 20.04 to 22.04, and I got some trouble with python versions. On 20.04, I had just python 3.8, and now on 22.04 it seems I have 3.10 only.

(base) giammi56@giammi56-T440p:~$ ls /usr/bin/python*
/usr/bin ...
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This error occurs due to temporary failure in resolving the domain ''
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root@ubuntu:/# sudo apt update
Err:1 focal InRelease
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:2 focal-security InRelease       
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:3 focal InRelease             
  Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:4 http://archive.u ...
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boot on Windows USB installer from GRUB
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i am on the latest version of linux ubuntu desktop (22.04.2 LTS) and i would like to boot on my windows 11 installation key. i forgot my bios password and my laptop is a TOSHIBA processor Intel® Celeron® N4000 × 2, a Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 600 (GLK 2) graphics card.

thank you for your reply

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Upgrading Directly from Ubuntu 10.04 to 22.10?
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I have a quite old machine lying around which is capable of doing daily work like YouTube videos and casual web surfing.

It has Windows installation which has become laggy.

I am thinking of installing Ubuntu on it. The problem is I don't have any spare USB drive to make bootable USB of latest version. But, I have Ubuntu CD that was provided during ShipIt program like 10+ years back and I think it ha ...

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Interrupt Remapping on x86_64
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I am trying to find out when kernel updates the interrupt remapping table entries. I am studying Intel vtd-io document which defines the structure of interrupt remapping table entry. This structure is also defined in Linux irq_remapping, but I am not able to find any reference where it actually updates/add new entries in the table. Add, modify, irte entry functions are already defined in irq_remappin ...

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Encrypt my disk without laborious reinstallation
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My laptop is running a dual boot (Ubuntu 20.04, Windows 10). I want some safety in case of stolen laptop. Nothing is encrypted for the moment.

Is there way to enable ̶f̶u̶l̶l̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶k̶ ̶e̶n̶c̶r̶y̶p̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ some kind of encryption without having to laboriously manually reinstall all my software/preference on both windows and ubuntu ?

Maybe with hardware encryption ? Hardware: ...

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22.10 microphone not working
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My laptop microfone works when trying ubuntu 22.10 in live mode from a USB, but after installing the OS, only "Digital Microphone - Family 17h/19h HD Audi..." is listed in the sound settings and no application can record anything. In windows (I have dual boot) the mic works perfectly. Also, running/installing the 23.04 daily build leads to a perfectly fine working mic, though due to other hickups I want ...

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problem with SUNDIALS v6.5.0
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Following instructions found in INSTALL_GUIDE.pdf:

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Copy to the default directory /usr/local
  3. Make directories INSTDIR and BUILDDIR
  4. cmake

but the following error occurred:

CMake Error at sundials/CMakeLists.txt:76 (add_prefix):
Unknown CMake command "add_prefix"

cmake version 3.25.2

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How do I make Ubuntu 22.04 Dock more rounded and change border color?
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Is there some easy way I can make the Dock for Ubuntu 22.04 more rounded like setting a CSS property border-radius: 999px and also I would like to change the border color. I cannot find a GNOM extension to do this. Also I did not find options in dconf for these settings either.

enter image description here

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how to reduce blue light in xubuntu 22.04
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I want to reduce the blue light of my screen, I thought it would be easy, but I have trouble doing this :

blue light

most internet answers are for ubuntu (not xubuntu) and propose this solution : settings > display > blue light, but I don't find it under my release of xubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)


then i tried to use flux, but i couldn't install it, ...

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Logout and then suspend shortcut in gnome desktop
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is there some command which logout user to login screen and then suspend whole pc? I need it in last lts ubuntus so 20.04 /22.04 with native gnome desktop.

My case is we are few users on pc and I just want to hit button/run command and go away from pc. An this will be prepared for next user, just to wake up and pick login.

I know there was a question like this but for xfce and without working answer ...

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Not Showing SSD while installing any OS
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When I use Ubuntu 22.10 , Then suddenly the laptop shut down , Then laptop was powered on, the bios screen started , And then tried to install Ubuntu ,Only Hard disk was showing while installing.And then tried installing different linux distribution but same problem showing only hard disk

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