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Errors were encountered while processing: postfix E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
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After updating Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 to 21.04, i am facing this issue, neither able to install nor to uninstall packages.

[sudo] password for commaderwolfer: 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
git is already the newest version (1:2.32.0-1~ppa0~ubuntu18.04.1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 14 not upgraded.
1 not fully in ...
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How can I fix IO lagging after installation of RAID controller card?
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Several months ago I have installed a hardware RAID controller card in my workstation. Since then I frequently experience annoying lags of my keyboard, something keystrokes are missing and something they are in wrong order (as if they were delivered by threads running in parallel). I have also noticed that my mouse and GUI misbehaves (Firefox, PyCharm) and that it sometimes takes a noticeable time (seve ...

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switched my GEForce 1060 6GB to GEForce 1050Ti in ubuntu 20.4 LTS any driver to be installed?
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Switched my GEForce 1060 6GB graphics card to GEForce 1050Ti 4GB in ubuntu 20.4 LTS any driver to be installed? Given my GEForce 1060 6GB to my son as he plays games on computer and I just use the computer for regular stuff. Do I need to make any changes in the graphics card driver? In Windows the same nvidia drier worked without any issues.

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System Freezes when a new bluetooth device or USB device is connected for 5 seconds
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 with kernel 5.11.0-25. If I connect a Bluetooth device (e.g. my keyboard after going to sleep or a new USB device, but not SD cards) the system will freeze for around 5 seconds. Audio will keep playing, but the image is frozen and the mouse/etc will not work.

Unfortunately I cannot show any code or ideas.

How can I solve this problem?

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Can we get debug packages in Launchpad?
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I see some project offering their ...-dbgsym.deb packages on launchpad (see ALSA).

My projects, however, do not seem to generate those packages.

When I create packages on my machine, I do see those packages.

Could it be that it is turned off in my project?

Could there be an issue where the compiled version is pure release and thus the libraries anyway do not include any symbols and as a result not dbgs ...

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My laptop can't find my bluetooth mouse, otherwise bluetooth works fine
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Basically I have a Microsoft Designer Mouse that works on my personal laptop (dual boot) on W10 and another laptop on Arch but I can't find it in any way using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.

I tried with stock Bluetooth, blueman, and bluez's bluetoothctl but the device (in pairing mode) never shows up.

Is there anything I could try to make it show up and pair?

Thanks in advance guys

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Wi-Fi networks not visible after security and firmware update
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I have recently done a security and firmware update. Since then, no network appears under Wi-Fi.

Below is the output of sudo lshw -C network


       description: Wireless interface
       product: Cannon Point-LP CNVi [Wireless-AC]
       vendor: Intel Corporation
       physical id: 14.3
       bus info: pci@0000:00:14.3
       logical name: wlan0
       version: 30
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Audio Output Related Issue while multiple audio devices connected in front and back panel of the desktop
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My desktop: intel core i7 10700 + Asus Prime B460 plus ATX MOBO

It has Ubuntu 20.04 installed.

I have only the speaker connected in the back panel.

The problem is with connecting the headphones to the front panel (there is a built-in mic in the headphones) is that I want to control the output through software without repeatedly unplugging the headphones.

So I don't have to plug in the headphones ag ...

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cd 'no such file or directory'
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I am trying to install cryoSPARC in my computer. At the "<install_path>" stage of the guide I follow (see image below) I entered the command:

cd /home/cryosparcuser/cryosparc

but it returned:

-bash: cd: /home/cryosparcuser/cryosparcuser/cryosparc: No such file or directory.

I don't quite know where the problem is.

Here is the relevant part of the guide I follow:

'install_path' stage

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Trying to install CUDA driver, "fatal error: asm/kmap_types.h: No such file or directory"
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I had the CUDA driver installed on my machine (Ubuntu 20.04). It was working ... until it stopped working (not sure what happened). So I'm trying to reinstall it by running:

sudo sh

where I downloaded from NVIDIA's website. However, I get an error saying to look at /var/log/nvidia-installer.log to learn more about why the installation fa ...

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How to get rid of ffmpeg showing `configuration:` message?
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The below message is being displayed while using a lot of ffmpeg commands in Ubuntu 20.04. Commands like $ ffmpeg -version $ ffmpeg -i video.ts -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mp4 video.mp4

configuration: --prefix=/usr --extra-version=1ubuntu0.1 --toolchain=hardened --libdir=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu --incdir=/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu --arch=amd64 --enable-gpl --disable-stripping --enable-avresampl ...
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Baud Rate instable on RPI4
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I have a strange problem. I'm running a TCP to Serial server I wrote in Python3. It uses the UART of the RPI4 at 500000 baud. Initially I wrote it for a NanoPi and runs fine, but when switching to the RPI4 I had comm errors. I attached a oscilloscope to the TX and saw that when commands failed the baud rate was lower. While investigating I could relate it to the clock speed on the RPI4. watchcat /sys/de ...

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ocfs partition creation failure
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I am trying to create a cluster file system shared by two devices. I am seeing the following error:

mkfs.ocfs2 successful

mount.ocfs2: Cluster name is invalid while trying to join the group
 Stopping ocfs2 and o2cb on device side:
Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Stopping o2cb (via systemctl): o2cb.service.
Unmounting ocfs2_dlmfs filesystem: OK
 Copying clu ...
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I have upgraded from 5.4.0-77 to and now there is no prompt to enter a passphrase for the encrpted root volume
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When trying to boot it stops with a message that it is waiting for the encrypted device when it previously prompted for a passphrase.

I can work around this by selecting the old kernel in the grub menu but can't find a fix to boot in the the most recent kernel.

Boot repair didn't work automatically, but I have uploaded a report here.

Any suggestions would be  ...

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NVIDIA drivers suddenly stopped working after rebooting from Windows, reinstall fails (Ubuntu 20.04)
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System Information

  • MSI Creator 15 Laptop
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Mobile / Max-Q
  • External LG Ultrawide monitor
  • Windows 10 / Ubuntu 20.04 dual boot

The Problem

I have been using the nvidia 455 drivers on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine successfully now for about six months. I rarely use the Windows partition, but I was using it yesterday. After shutting down Windows 10 and returning to Ubuntu, my ext ...

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red dashed line on screen
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I am running Ubunutu 20.04 on my Thinkbook 14s yoga (graphics Mesa Intel Xe).

All of a sudden there is a single red, vertical, dashed line on my display. I tried running updates and rebooting but the line is still there.

Any ideas on how to get rid of it ?

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Ubuntu20.04 getting stuck
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My laptop is getting stuck after starting the device, I'm getting the opening screen and I can able to open apps ,but after sometime like 5 minutes,the system is getting stuck and I cannot able to use keyboard and mouse I tried long pressing the power button and starting the device again,but the same thing is happening again Can someone please help

Thanks in advance

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White screen of death upon finalization of loading
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Yesterday I took the plunge and attempted to load Ubuntu 21.04 onto an old 2008 Macbook. I used a USB drive to load from and everything we going great. At the end, the prompt as me to remove the USB and to press enter for the computer to restart. When it started back up I was greeted with a white screen of death and nothing else on the screen. I tried using all the old "Mac" restart button but nothi ...

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Use external display driver for internal display
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I have an old Lenovo X201T Tablet-PC and it works fine, except the integrated GPU, which turns the whole screen into a greenish flickering display. If I plug in an external monitor it is working perfectly and it is without these artifacts. In Windows I managed to use the driver for the external display for the internal one and it works.

Is there a way with Xrandr or something else to switch the d ...

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Driver problems on Laptop
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My new laptop, Lenovo V14 iil touchpad and wifi modules are not recognized in ubuntu 20.04 . Please give me solution thanks alot

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Failed to open \EFI\BOOT\grubx64.efi - Not Found (Dual Boot Ubuntu with Windows 10)
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I have a Windows 10 machine with a SSD where I have installed Ubuntu LTS 20.04. This setup worked wonderfully for months. When I turn my machine on I get to choose which operative system to use.


That is, until yesterday. Yesterday I logged on my Windows boot, did nothing special and then turned the machine off. Windows probably installed some updates after I left.

Today I turned my  ...

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What can I do if my running programs freeze?
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I opened firefox browser and it was freeze.I can't close it. Is there any command to run in terminal to close this.

enter image description here

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Black screen on GRUB with AMD RX 550
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I'm trying to boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. But, I'm getting a black screen. I can start Windows from boot menu (not GRUB). But when I will try to boot Ubuntu, I can't see anything. Just black screen. What can I do? My GPU is AMD RX 550 and my CPU is Intel i5-10400F.

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How can I install mathpix tool in ubuntu 20.04
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I just tried to install the source from the web page and search the tool in snap, but it didnt work, has someone knows how to install this app. Thanks

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How to boot ubuntu server form an ssd?
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I use an rasperry pi 4. I want to use an ssd instead of an micro sd because of speed.

But How can I boot from the ssd?



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Where can I find the source code for Alt+Tab behaviour on Ubuntu 21? What package is that?
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I want to edit and customize the Alt+Tab behaviour. (i.e. viewing the open apps). I only need a direction - which package is that? Thanks!

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Permission denied (publickey) while copying id
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I was trying to copy a key id for password-less SSH access, however it seems that the password authentification is no. I am not sure how to change that.

Here is the original code:

ssh-copy-id xxxx@xxxx

/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: Source of key(s) to be installed: "/home/xxxx/.ssh/"

/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: attempting to log in with the new key(s), to filter out any that are already installed

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Adding a User from the Command Line: is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported
bs flag

I usually work as root، no problem. But some recommend that to work as user (For security reasons). But they do not mention what problems you will face in this case.

These are the things I did.

I tried to create a username with adduser.

adduser USERNAME
sudo true

And then I got this message:

sudo: unable to resolve host localhost: Name or service not known
[sudo] password for USERNAME:
USE ...
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change ZFS mirrored drive set to SMALLER drives
cn flag

I have a ZFS mirror setup and one of the drives has failed completely. These are WD reds at 4tb. This drive set has had much of its content moved and is much smaller and I do NOT need the space there. This complicated by my home directory and virtual box systems defined there - but no other data. I am using less then 500gb now. I have previously removed a 2tb mirror with older enterprise/golds. I  ...

The Stunning Power of Questions

Much of an executive’s workday is spent asking others for information—requesting status updates from a team leader, for example, or questioning a counterpart in a tense negotiation. Yet unlike professionals such as litigators, journalists, and doctors, who are taught how to ask questions as an essential part of their training, few executives think of questioning as a skill that can be honed—or consider how their own answers to questions could make conversations more productive.

That’s a missed opportunity. Questioning is a uniquely powerful tool for unlocking value in organizations: It spurs learning and the exchange of ideas, it fuels innovation and performance improvement, it builds rapport and trust among team members. And it can mitigate business risk by uncovering unforeseen pitfalls and hazards.

For some people, questioning comes easily. Their natural inquisitiveness, emotional intelligence, and ability to read people put the ideal question on the tip of their tongue. But most of us don’t ask enough questions, nor do we pose our inquiries in an optimal way.

The good news is that by asking questions, we naturally improve our emotional intelligence, which in turn makes us better questioners—a virtuous cycle. In this article, we draw on insights from behavioral science research to explore how the way we frame questions and choose to answer our counterparts can influence the outcome of conversations. We offer guidance for choosing the best type, tone, sequence, and framing of questions and for deciding what and how much information to share to reap the most benefit from our interactions, not just for ourselves but for our organizations.